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National Wild Turkey Federation, Georgia Taxidermists Association
Roger Martin
Black bear mount by Roger Martin of Albemarle, North Carolina, on a new mannikin by John Schmidt and a McKenzie habitat base. Roger explains the features and benefits of this new closed-mouth bear mannikin line in a video for this week's edition of Ken's Corner blog.

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  FEATURED VIDEO: McKenzie Taxidermy Supply Open House in Pennsylvania

    Simon T. Blackshaw - World Show Lifetime Achievement Award
    CBS's Bill Geist: National Taxidermists Association Convention
    Smithsonian: Stories from the Vaults - Taxidermy
    Henry Wichers Inchumuk - WTC Lifetime Achievement Award
    NPR - Louis Paul Jonas Mounting an Elephant: 1927
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The fish photo in the Taxidermy.Net banner at the top of the page features a brown trout with water scene by Mike Orthober of Wisconsin, who won the North American Champion coldwater fish title at the 1996 National Taxidermists Association Convention.

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