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The Taxidermy Industry / Re: Scoot over !
« Last post by DL on Today at 07:39:43 PM »
Oh heavens no! Smaller meaning shorter?
Deer and Gameheads / Re: Looking to Id this Deer head mount
« Last post by 7-Point on Today at 07:38:10 PM »
Look like a 7 point to me but I agree its a whitetail and mounted relatively recently.
The Taxidermy Industry / Re: Carl E. Akeley Memorial Stone Monument
« Last post by ierlan66 on Today at 07:29:18 PM »
Hi Everyone,
My name is Melissa Ierlan and I am the Clarendon Town Historian and President of the Clarendon Historical Society.  I want to let everyone who has donated so far know that as the checks come in or the paypal account gets another donation, we are just that much closer to having a wonderful testament to the man who has touched so many lives. 
This monument will be in such a wonderful spot which everyone who visits will notice and HAVE to come see up close.  We are so proud that this man started his passion right here in Clarendon New York. 
Melissa Ierlan :)
For Sale / Re: Fall Reference Sale Photo Cd's
« Last post by B Jones on Today at 07:21:18 PM »
You can't go wrong with this mans reference pictures. Between his and John B's I won't buy any others!
Beginners / Telling the difference between a wolf and coyote pelt.
« Last post by olixwolf on Today at 07:13:23 PM »
Are there any surefire ways to tell them apart? From what I understand, wolves can have coyote-like coloration, and possibly vice versa. I'm sure the size is a dead giveaway, but not always. I'm buying a wolf pelt online, and I want to make absolutely sure it's a wolf.
« Last post by tim dobbs on Today at 07:13:08 PM »
I need several cow and bull life-size elk skins.  call me for details.  tim 432 352-1968
For Sale / Re: L/S Lynx
« Last post by haldol on Today at 07:10:27 PM »
Would you ship to Canada? Export permit?  thanks.
Beginners / Re: Just some noob questions
« Last post by whenwolveshowl on Today at 07:08:01 PM »
I have never tried the water base paints, but over the years laquer fumes have started to bother me a bit.  May be worth a shot going water based.  If you have adequate ventilation when you are painting (I don't as of yet) it shouldn't be too big of an issue.

i dont have a shed or workspace. so when i do go to do anything fur related, i go outside and do it on the patio. except when its raining. But  with 7 other people constantly in the house, i am not going to let them suffer lol. 
The Taxidermy Industry / Re: Not another pricing thread
« Last post by buckfever/louisiana on Today at 07:04:51 PM »
Now dux oh boy simmer down. Your're trying to let the air out of his balloon. Let him be, the balloon will explode anyways due to over inflation.

Bring you a$$ to the bar and have a drink. ;D ;D ;D
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