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Bird Taxidermy / Re: Laws on Peacocks
« Last post by wa on Today at 08:42:33 AM »
Remember Wingman.... ah the good old days
Fish Taxidermy / Re: Curing an unusual fish skin
« Last post by JL on Today at 08:40:48 AM »
I have no experience working with this fish but I do have experience working with greasy Lake Trout. Not knowing what you intend doing with the skin here's what I would do to minimize oil leakage from this fish skin. I do all Lake Trout this way. (1) skin and flesh very clean. (2) soak the skin in Denatured Alcohol for two days. This will stiffen the skin and pull a lot of oil out of it. You will see it on the bottom of the bucket. (3) Re-hydrate the skin in a mix of Dawn Detergent and water until soft again, then rinse clean. (4) Depending on your target use, tan the skin your favorite there are many ways to do this. Good luck...JL
Wanted / Skunk
« Last post by mskutt on Today at 08:00:56 AM »
Iso nice tanned for lifesize skunk.
For Sale / Newborn coyote pup (pic)
« Last post by dublelung on Today at 08:00:01 AM »
2 day old Mississippi coyote pup for sale. Great for taxi or wet specimen. $50.00 shipped priority mail on Monday following receipt of payment. If interested email with coyote as the subject. Will take Paypal payment as gift or you can send money order or personal check. Thanks!

Lifesize Mammals / Re: Where do you guys send your bear rugs.
« Last post by Mark Maier on Today at 07:29:27 AM »
Northern pines great quality and they deliver on time.
Lifesize Mammals / Re: Where do you guys send your bear rugs.
« Last post by Hammer on Today at 06:52:04 AM »
Yup like George said, Rug be bears is great.  I send a salted hide to WG and from there it goes directly to Rug be bear's next door and I get a finished product ready to hang on the wall. I only charge for fleshing, salting and shipping which is usually about $150 on top of what they charge me to complete the entire process. I would loose my --- if I tried to rug one myself plus I do not have the room to be stretching bear's out in my tiny shop.
Lifesize Mammals / Re: Tahr hair
« Last post by Hammer on Today at 06:39:14 AM »
Maybe the trick is Aqua Net hair spray like the 80' hair nation metal bands used to wear .  Lol miss those days.
Wanted / Re: ISO Raw Bear, Coati Skulls
« Last post by Craniate on Today at 06:38:09 AM »
For Sale / Re: skinned lifesize skunks 10 for $250 plus $22 shipping
« Last post by Bob Wendt on Today at 06:03:38 AM »
Molding and Casting / Re: Replacement for HIll Bros Hi-fib?
« Last post by CJ Herring on Today at 03:44:24 AM »
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