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For Sale / Lifesize Blacktail and Whietail Bucks
« Last post by Peters Taxidermy on Today at 01:41:52 AM »
Lifesize whitetail. Eyes, lips, nose, ears are all split and turned. Couple skinning nicks and two bullet holes.Wet tanned. Hide was from a Washington state 19" neck 4x4 buck. Asking $150 shipped. Will take paypal, card over phone or  check by mail..  Best to email, text or call. 253-370-5930

Lifesize 19" blacktail buck. Washington State. Eyes, lips, nose, ears are all split and turned. was shot once in the neck and once behind the shoulder with archery equipment pass through. Bones taken out of hooves. One dew claw was ripped off but will be sent with hide to reattach when mounted. Couple minor skinning nicks. One ear has a pretty big natural split down middle and the other has a notch out of the side. Has been wet tanned. Asking $250 delivered. Will take paypal, card over phone or check by mail.  Best to email, text or call. 253-370-5930

For Sale / Lifesize Roosevelt Cow Elk
« Last post by Peters Taxidermy on Today at 01:34:47 AM »
This cow was just killed at the beginning of January and has been in house wet tanned. She was shot once in the neck and once in the side of the head, both shots in long hair and no bigger then the size of quarters. Easy fix. Only measurements EE-6 3/4 NE-11 1/8 NBS-19 1/8. Very mature cow. Hanging weight at butcher was 356 pounds. Currently do not have any pictures but would be willing to thaw to take some.  No drags or tick damage. Asking $250 shipped to your door. Will take card over phone, pay pal or check. Email with any questions or text/call 253-370-5930
Fish Taxidermy / Re: What a fun fish to paint!
« Last post by outdoorzman on Today at 12:59:07 AM »
Nice save.  Your fin junctures look nice and clean.  Any before pictures?  Those are always fun.
Fish Taxidermy / Re: Resurrection - 10 year old freezer burn grayling
« Last post by den007 on Today at 12:53:38 AM »
Not sure anyone can help if it is too far gone. Worst I ever had felt very, very light and floated like a cork. It was impossible to rehydrate. I am not saying yours is too far gone.soak in in a bit of borax water with a bit of bacteriacide in it. If you can then skin it.and the skin has some flex to cannot hurt to try.

PSjust a pet peeve of mine..taxidermy should not be used as a verb. You can mount a fish, skin a fish, display a fishyou don't "taxidermy" a fish. No offense.
Fish Taxidermy / Re: Natural looking pike forms
« Last post by den007 on Today at 12:47:44 AM »
Lake country replicas also has some based on their fish replicas, which have pleasing S-curves for the most part. At least in the premier series. Yeah, forget the banana fish.
For Sale / Re: Rare Alaskan Bear
« Last post by BowDeadly on Today at 12:33:02 AM »
Would you take $20.00
Beginners / Re: "Stuffing toes"
« Last post by Tanglewood Taxidermy on Today at 12:24:37 AM »
No, you should not cut them at their toes. You should cut them at each toe nail. All the way down until you run out of bone. Use magnifying glasses and a scalpel with a sharp pointed blade and go slow.
I hope everyone knows that this is also going on in NY and NJ!!!!!!!!!  I have been in touch with people from SCI and Wildsheep who are trying to stop this in NJ, Gov Christie is going to act on this by May 2.  Please call the Gov office in NJ and tell them to veto Bills 977 and 978!!!!!!!!!!!  They slipped this one in on us in a bad way!!!! 

Phone number to the Governor's Council Office is 1-609-292-6000
Deer and Gameheads / Re: C measurement 28+ inches?
« Last post by DogSoldierChick on Yesterday at 11:38:24 PM »
I'm in the same boat this year with a KY buck.  Tight at the ears was 26 with a full swell of 30 if I'm remembering right.  Got it wrote down but not at my books.  It's also the reddest cape I've ever seen.  Looks like a red fox! 
Fish Taxidermy / Resurrection - 10 year old freezer burn grayling
« Last post by gfields on Yesterday at 11:22:31 PM »
I went up to Alaska in 2005, and caught several Arctic Grayling. I mailed them back home to taxidermy.

I only had a chance to taxidermy one Grayling. It came out pretty darn good for my first shot at fish taxidermy. Unfortunatly, I only had time to taxidermy that one fish, so the other two have been sitting in my freezer ever since.

Just last night I watched a video that described how to properly freeze a fish. They said that you need to wrap it in a wet towel, which I didn't do. I just wrapped it in syran wrap and dry paper towels. So I checked out the two frozen fish tonight. One looked pretty darn freezer burnt. It had whitish/yellowish coloration over the scales. Miraculously the other one didn't look too bad. I think I had frozen it wet, so it had some moisture over its skin and it didn't have the whitish/yellow coloration. I repackaged that one in a damp cloth and stuck it back in the freezer.

So I'm wondering, 1, if the one that has bad freezer burn could still be resurrected for taxidermy. I was thinking about maybe just leaving it in a bowl of water, and seeing if I can scrap off the yellow/white layer. I think the yellow/white layer is frozen slime on the skin. Grayling have scales, and not skin like trout, so maybe that would work in my favor.

2, I'm hoping that I can taxidermy the other one that fared a bit better. I'm also hoping that wrapping the fish in a wet towel was a good idea.

Maybe some of you seasoned taxidermists can provide some tips or advice about taxidermying freezer burned fish. Is there a method that worked to bring them back from the dark side? :)

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