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Bird Taxidermy / Re: Best shipping method?
« Last post by birdstuffer on Today at 11:13:41 AM »
I would cut a piece from a mahogany sheet which we use to build crates (1/4") to fit the bottom of the box and duct tape over the metal base and around it to secure the base to it.Then use a couple of 1" strips of wood on either side of the metal base and put a couple of screws in from the outside of the box into the strips to hold it in place. We also use metal washers.Then I would cover it with a plastic bag and fill to the brim with peanuts.I think it's too heavy to let free float.They drop and throw boxes all the time! We also reinforce any box with wood strips so the box can't be crushed.It's hard to explain all this by typing.Let me know if you have any questions.
Wanted / Re: ISO: Fetuses or Still-borns
« Last post by jennakayxx on Today at 11:11:13 AM »
Searching again TTT
Good on nutria/beaver/rats
Bird Taxidermy / Re: Some help on Decoy style mount???
« Last post by birdstuffer on Today at 11:04:54 AM »
I have 2 to do also and have the same question.....I was told to let the bird dry completely first and then attach it? Over the feathers?
Training / Re: ARTISTIC SCHOOL of TAXIDERMY...see what's NEW!!!
« Last post by Troy Rose on Today at 10:40:10 AM »
Buyers and Sellers / Re: DONT BUY FROM ARCHIE PHILLIPS !!!
« Last post by FishArt on Today at 10:33:24 AM »

 I just don't get all the bashing, but whatever..

It's one thing to put out sub-par quality blanks and then quite another to perform the above hack-job on an irreplaceable skin mount! WHOMEVER did that skin mount should stay in Kindergarten! That mount is total garbage even by Ebay standards! There is no excuse. If it were spoiled any taxi worth a grain of salt would have called the customer before attempting. And, I'm pretty sure those fins are eaten from solvents not spoilage, but that's just an educated guess....
The Taxidermy Industry / Re: MN forcing us to report out of state deer
« Last post by 3bears on Today at 09:57:40 AM »
Gary the senator that I have been in contact with about this asked me how I would like to proceed. I contacted the guild and was informed that they were finally able to get some response out of another senator, I believe, that was looking into it. That is the latest info I have. I'm not sure how this is going to go yet. I am, at this point, willing to press forward with this issue but am still having problems getting others involved and on board, and I am unsure of how exactly to proceed. This emergency rule has impacted my lively hood, but I must be alone.
The Taxidermy Industry / Re: MN forcing us to report out of state deer
« Last post by Gary B. on Today at 09:44:55 AM »
Now that Minnesota has found more positive test CWD deer in the last month and that the Legislative session has started- what is the latest scoop on what the Guild or anyone is doing on the situation with importation of deer carcass into the state to processers and taxidermists??  Just wondering if anyone has an UPDATE??

Gary B.
Beginners / Re: Piranha Reproductions Question
« Last post by Wild To Wall Taxidermy on Today at 09:37:48 AM »
Oh, that's cool - I have a call into my friend... Unfortunately I didn't know much about it - wanted to do some research so I knew what to ask them!
Appreciate it!
I will let you know sizes when I get them - Thanks Again, Appreciate the help
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