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Lifesize Mammals / Re: taxidermy quality garment tanned furs
« Last post by Krysta on Today at 10:26:08 AM »
Its possible but it as also risky too, you have to be pretty skilled and patient to turn a garment tanned animal into something mountable for taxidermy.  Problem is with garment tanned stuff that even if they have the lips for example, its so little of it that its not enough to work with for taxidermy.  As of ears they can be turned but there is always the possibility that when you start to turn them they slip for whatever reason which has happened to me on a few hides I did that on.  Its basically a guessing game on which animal is going to work and which one will not.

Otherwise wouldn't really personally recommend using garment tanned animals for taxidermy since 80% of the time, they are missing something that makes them unmountable anyways from my experiences.  Won't deny though some people have made them work and had great results with it though!
The Taxidermy Industry / Re: Making the change to $650.
« Last post by Greg Livbucks on Today at 10:24:53 AM »
I think we still have people doing them for $250 around here. What do you think that does to the opinion of the public of the value of it? That in itself it why the $450 people cant get $600. Look what you are fighting against. When you have to scratch to buy groceries and you get a choice between $250 and $600 what would you do?
As stated above, I am looking for a wholesale bird taxidermist in Wisconsin or in Speedee shipping area.  Pm with information.
Thanks, Shawn.

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The Taxidermy Industry / Re: Making the change to $650.
« Last post by PA on Today at 10:19:24 AM »
Why not dispute the housing discrepancy Kerby?

My example on salaries showed the extreme and you easily can dispute that. Average salary would measure how many extremely low paid are in the area compared with the very high priced. I liken Average to using a company where the CEO makes 1000 times the rest of the workers. Median is where 50% are above and 50% below. If the Median House is $297,000 vs. $72,000 that is an extremely big difference in how much it costs to live. Eggs and bread and trucks being constant, it still makes total cost of living in a place more than 50% higher vs. other places. Heck in Backwood Arkansas you can probably get a bushel of tomatoes for 4.00 whereas in San Francisco a single tomato at a garden market might be $5.00.

Buckfever - what price do you charge for your deer heads?
For Sale / Chinese Water deer Skull - big tusks!
« Last post by staffs-skeletons on Today at 10:03:58 AM »
Very nice young male Chinese Water Deer skull with great tusks. A little staining on the front of the skull but very minimal and hardly noticeable. $200 including shipping from the UK.
Please email me on for more info.
Thanks all :)

Jimmy, you can paint a fish!
Habitat and Exhibit / Re: Where to buy moss (large boxes)
« Last post by Suprdave on Today at 09:58:44 AM »
Research sells by the box, like $12?
over 92 annual memberships fees will be needed to fund the new hq. Just saying thats a lot of new members.

Never thought of it that are right!

Wow! The Gay Blade agreeing with Magillla Gorilla. I always preferred George Hamilton playing the role of Zorro over Guy Williams anyway. And the little sweet girl Ogee, who pushed that big 'ol homeless ape all over the screen. No wonder people would love these characters in their avatar.
 Those annual membership dues need never specifically go to headquarters funding and I think the gorilla knows that too. That's why there is an annual convention "fund raiser" for day to day expenses and over all upkeep of the NTA.  All board members and officers happily do that fundraising each and every year. Auctions, competitions and other venues of the show all combined further the financial responsibilities and capabilities of the organization. It is becoming further obvious to me that when one needs to voice public opinions while hiding under cloak and dagger, there's usually an egotistical agenda at large. When a disgraced board member criticizes that which he did worse than his targeted opponents he accuses of doing, the red flag of jealous cowardice flies high over his camp.

 On a brighter note; Congratulations President Michelle Burkholder and Vice President Russell Knight! You both make history as you bring a vibrant essence of freshness to the NTA that hasn't been sensed in decades. Nobody can ever make a stink about that either!
 Tim, do not be afraid or leery of the term "Executive Director". The stigma is destroyed and hauled out with the trash. Be proud, be strong and never forget to have all the fun we all used to have doing the things we loved most in the NTA. Think of it as doing taxidermy - most of us burn the midnight oil 24/7 yet we never work a day in our lives. How could we? We love it so much!

 Does this now make me the immediately passed past president? LOL!!!

The Taxidermy Industry / Re: Kidney Transplant 5 year Anniverary
« Last post by Big John on Today at 09:58:22 AM »
Harry you and Michael are really special people here on the Taxi-Net.  Thank the good Lord that you two made it through a really difficult time in your life.  Hope you have many more anniversaries. 

Your Friend,

John Griffith
Fish Taxidermy / Re: Dry Ice did the Job!
« Last post by Cecil on Today at 09:54:36 AM »

At least with UPS it's pretty much opened up now.

Jeepers, did you need your lawyer to peruse UPS's regs for this - sheesh!

Better than asking John C!  ;D

Btw are the three perps on the lose in your area or is that somewhere else?
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