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The Taxidermy Industry / Never ......
« Last post by Kerby Ross on Today at 03:56:38 PM »
"Never, ever, take poker advice from someone who has fewer chips than you"

Kerby Ross


The Taxidermy Industry / Re: What do you think?
« Last post by CarolinBD on Today at 03:49:42 PM »
Something very interesting was just posted on the facebook site of the  European Taxidermy Championships.

It is not allowed to post pictures of competition mounts before the ETC, with titles, hints, or other remarks that identify the piece as planned to be entered.   This includes all social media and print media.  Disregards will lead to disqualification of mount.
The Taxidermy Industry / Re: An Open Letter to Carl Akeley
« Last post by Allie on Today at 03:38:30 PM »
This thread has gone south. I wish I had never included Man Ray's quotes, but I thought they were appropriate and insightful. My apologies, Mr. Kish.
The Taxidermy Industry / Re: To Name or Not to Name, that is the Question.
« Last post by Allie on Today at 03:36:27 PM »
I name all of mine, too.
For Sale / Wholesale bird taxidermy
« Last post by silverfox on Today at 03:31:03 PM »
Wild Art Taxidermy is offering high quality wholesale bird taxidermy.  I am a birds only studio.  I take great pride in what i do and try to do the best i can on every piece.  I live in south central MN and would be willing to hand deliver larger orders within about 8 hrs or so of my location.  If you are interested you can contact me phone/text or you can message me through FB.  My cell is 507-766-2424.  My FB page is Wild Art Taxidermy (there are a couple... Im in New Ulm MN).   

Price is:
Puddle, most diver ducks and pheasants- $225
Sea ducks- $275
Small Geese- $325
Large Geese- $425

Here is a few photos of some of my recent work.  Thanks for looking!!!
For Sale / FS: White/ Albino Grey squirrel
« Last post by muskrat man on Today at 03:07:34 PM »
White grey squirrel, I am calling it an albino, it has pink eyes, nose, claws and feet. It was harvested last year during squirrel season with a .410 and #6 shot; it looks like it only caught a few pellets. It was almost immediately frozen whole, wrapped in several layers of paper and sealed in plastic. $250+ actual shipping cost, will ship sealed in plastic on dry ice.  A VERY beautiful animal.

The Taxidermy Industry / Re: Invited to China!
« Last post by AliciaG on Today at 03:07:25 PM »
Holy smokes! Congrats!
Lifesize Mammals / Re: Mammals of the Month - July 2016
« Last post by catman on Today at 02:34:43 PM »
Yeah Wayne, you are the King on those Bobcats.
Molding and Casting / Urethane Liquid Plastic Question
« Last post by Triple R on Today at 02:19:20 PM »
I am getting ready to order some urethane plastic and was wondering if there is a big difference between smooth on's smooth cast 320 and Innivative Polymers IE3025? I can get 320 for like $85 for a gallon and IE3025 is like $124 a gallon. Thats a big difference in price, just wondering if it is that much better and if so what makes it better?
Lifesize Mammals / Re: Spending Time At Ken's
« Last post by Skywalker on Today at 02:04:21 PM »
One carved, and one carcass cast! We trap clay mice in my shop!
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