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 : Today at 04:01:43 PM 
ASilverFox - Andrew M
the archives has a TON of information. Search the archives and read. You are also going to need reference. If you go the Lifesize Mammals section you'll see a smaller section that says "Mammal reference photos." click on that and you'll be able to find pics of all sorts of different animals including fox. study those pictures. also if possible see if you can buy a DVD on mounting red foxes. i can't personally recommend a good one but there are plenty of people on this website that could.

 : Today at 04:01:00 PM 
falco - falco
There is a life-size Ostrich coming from Africa, Salted dry.
Who does the best tanning job on them and really what is the best method for it ?
has anyone done one before ?
Any help to any direction is appreciated.  ;D

Once in a while we get challenged by our clients, don't we .

 : Today at 03:58:07 PM 
Brandon Zahn - bucksnort10
that is a nice mix and job mounting them too

 : Today at 03:49:16 PM 
ASilverFox - hunter4ever
Do some research on reference pictures and keep em handy

 : Today at 03:48:09 PM 
Abavaro4 - Abavaro4
I have an African Water Buffalo Mount that has been in storage for about 2 years.  I am new to taxidermy pieces but i would say that it is in mint condition.  It is a great piece and very well done.  I have plenty of pictures just can not figure out how to post them.  If you are interested please feel free to ask for pictures or any other questions.  I am looking for 2200.00 but will take offers.  I am located on Long Island in New York.  The zip code is 11563.

 : Today at 03:45:31 PM 
schwartzelana - schwartzelana
I have a brown lamb hide and I bought a goat kid mannikin but it is way too small. I don't have the carcass so I can't make a mold. Any suggestions on how to make the body?

 : Today at 03:44:48 PM 
joinerswildlifecreations - rookie541
Ever think about taking a bird class from some one that is good at it? Now you know the basics they can make you better and faster. But then again I am not real good at a lot

 : Today at 03:42:31 PM 
WildArt2013 - hunter4ever
Fleshing machine should be looked at as an investment if you're gonna do the work and take in customers you owe it to them to give them the best product you can make and having a thin hide is very critical to the final outcome

 : Today at 03:41:58 PM 
duxdog - antlerman
I bought mine from Matuska Taxidermy Supply.  Don't know if they have the best price or not, but supporting those who support us is equally important I think.

 : Today at 03:41:54 PM 
Ace Photography - Ace Photography
Hey! Most of you know me from the Indiana Show but I also like to take photos and do web designing in my spare time! If you live in Indiana and want pictures taken please contact me!! I also create websites for businesses if you are interested!

You can see my photography AND web designing at www.indianataxidermists.net OR www.acedesigns.org



P.S. I posted the summer 2014 AIT newletter on the website...you can click on http://www.indianataxidermists.net/#!news/c1t1n to see it!

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Taxidermy.Net Forum  |  Recent Posts

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