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Beginners / Re: what else can i use to dry the pelt other than borax
« Last post by Lonewolf_8126 on Yesterday at 10:32:38 PM »
when preserving a skin the size of a mouse, chipmunk, squirrel can soak them in a 50/50 mixture of denatured alcohol and turpentine. This will give better results than using a dry preservative.
Beginners / Re: fleshing a black bear
« Last post by Lonewolf_8126 on Yesterday at 10:29:47 PM »
I have done several black bear, and I found that for me there are two ways to tackle them

1) put them on your fleshing beam and flesh it or,

2) I split the lips, eyes, and turn the ears and nose.... then I lay it out on my rug table and completely cover the skin side in salt. Once all the moisture is pulled out of the hide, I begin slicing the fat and flesh off while its dry. Once its fleshed enough to ship, I send it to the tannery and let them do the rest.
Buyers and Sellers / Re: Apache1 , please help me
« Last post by Randy on Yesterday at 10:28:02 PM »
This is typical for this guy.  Same happened to me about 4 years ago.  I am really surprised he is still around.   I tried using different phones.  I used many different phones so he could not rely on his caller ID. I just kept bugging him until he finally shipped my capes back to me.  I know a guy who actually had to get the sheriff involved.  You might contact the sheriff in his county.  If nothing else it would be one more call to the sheriff and maybe they would pay him a visit.  Sorry for the bad news.  Keep trying.
Tanning / Dakota V vs S-900 fleshing machines
« Last post by Ally R. on Yesterday at 10:20:39 PM »

I'm looking to get a fleshing machine and was wondering what people thought about the S-900 fleshing machine from Research Mannikins vs the Dakota V from McKenzie.

Thanks, Ally
For Sale / Huge Red Stag
« Last post by Chiefs on Yesterday at 10:06:16 PM »
Huge Red Stag from New Zealand. With matching cape tanned by a The Wildlife Gallery. $1,890
Everything sells and ships whole frozen. 

If interested send me an email to with "taxi net" in the subject line.


Emu chicks $85 each.
Ostrich - approx. 5ft tall. $300.

East African Crowned Crane $400.

Indian Blue peacock - rough tail $75.
Indian Blue peahen $75.
Spaulding Peahen $75.

Pheasants: Any of the pheasants look over and decide for yourself. We can negotiate on them.
Red Golden hens $25 each OBO.
Yellow Golden hens $25 each OBO.
Dark throat golden hen $25 OBO.

Yellow Golden Males $40 each.
Cinnamon Golden Male $40.
Peach Golden Males $85 each.
Lady Amherst male $75.


Bar head goose $75.
Blue Snow goose $75.

Ring Teal males $40 each.
Ring teal hens $20 each.
buy all five ring teal (2.3) for $100.

Blue wing teal hens or out of color males $35 each. Buy all three for $75.

Common Shellduck hens $50 each.
Fulvous Tree duck $35.
Ferouson White Eye drake $50
Silver Bahama Pintail drake $35.
Wood duck drake $50.

Mandarins - drake $60, hen $40, the pair for $85.

Call duck drake - small bird - off gray color $15.

Aviary Birds:

Diamond Doves $15 each. Buy a dozen for $100.

Buy all of the finches and small birds below for a package deal of $250.
Cordon Blue finches (4 pack) together for $50.
Owl finches (2 pack) together for $40.
Yellow Canaries (2 pack) together for $50.
Green Singers (3 pack) together for $50.
Red head parrot finch (2 pack) together for $40.
Goldfinch (1) $20.
Small dove (1) $20.
Lady gouldians (5 pack) together for $100.

Large Rooster -red and black colored $15.
Small black and yellow rooster $10.

Pigeons $8 each.


Reddish-brown Flemish Giant rabbit $15.
Champagne colored rabbit $15.
hairless baby rabbit $5.

Guinea Pig $15.

Spotted piglet $20.

Patagonian Cavy youngsters $75 each. Buy 2 for $120.

Prevost Squirrel $300.

Goat kids -
boar goat kids $20 each.
Black kid $25.
tri colored nigerian dwarf baby $50.
black and white spotted pygmy kids $35 each.
Black and white spotted nubian boar kid $35.

End of the year clearouts.  I need to move these items out in the next few weeks.  Put a wishlist together and we can make a package deal.

Send email to with "taxinet" in the subject line if interested.
Wanted / Wanted Black Coyote and Mountain lion kitten
« Last post by meat on Yesterday at 09:19:05 PM »
Wanted mountain lion kitten Whole frozen. Wanted Black coyote prime . Must be whole frozen . or skinned with feet and head attached case skinned. Thanks for any help!!! Text me at 989 634 9584 Thanks again Kevin
For Sale / Elk Cape
« Last post by Randy on Yesterday at 09:09:38 PM »
Fresh elk cape taken today, Very prime, 30" off of an average 6x6.  Raw not tanned.  $175 shipped

PM if more info is needed

For Sale / ringneck
« Last post by Tony T on Yesterday at 08:17:40 PM »
ringneck male in good feather and a lewis silver hen in okay feather.Lewis hen has small pin casings in her crest could easily be blown off.Asking 25.00 for ringneck and 40.00 for lewis hen or both for 60.00 plus shipping.Both birds are frozen whole.Please send zip with your request for a shipping price!Loaded pics of both,hopefully they go thru,if not you can email me at and I can send them that way.Yep says they are too large.
In N.H.,Tony.
For Sale / Baby possum,frozen whole
« Last post by midwesttaxidermy on Yesterday at 07:14:03 PM »
About 10 inches long.Picture available $35 shipped flat rate.
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