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Taxidermy Employment / Re: Waterfowl Stitching.
« Last post by Tom Maul on Yesterday at 10:28:59 PM »
Also, your questions will be better received in the "Beginners" category.
Taxidermy Employment / Re: Waterfowl Stitching.
« Last post by Tom Maul on Yesterday at 10:23:03 PM »
I think a baseball stitch works just fine.
On waterfowl, I would suggest spacing your stitches about 3/8" apart. Gently pull your stitches closed about every three or four stitches.
When you sew birds, draw the incision closed, but don't pull it really tight. If you cause that skin to "pucker" with an overly tight stitch, your feathers will distort and won't lay naturally. You juuuuust want that incision to close.
It's imperative that you keep the feathers out of your stitching as much as possible. To be sure, a bit of down may get in there, but "feathers" tangled in stitching makes for a sloppy incision closure.
Once your incision is completely closed and tied off, back brush it a few times with a rod, stiff wire, artists brush handle, anything available and suitable. This will realign the feathers back to their natural positions... and viola!
Good luck to you.
Fish Taxidermy / LArgest bonnet head replica?
« Last post by John C on Yesterday at 08:48:36 PM »
Who has the largest Bonnet head Shark replica? My daughter is wanting one for her place down on the coast.
The Taxidermy Industry / Re: New CWD Rules For Louisiana
« Last post by John C on Yesterday at 08:45:59 PM »
My studio is two miles outside the Arkansas CWD zone. Well that stopped the tons of Euros mounts we were doing.  Now we have a couple dozen jack legs that popped upi doing Euros for $50. to $75..  Over ruining many skulls.  The state line and CWD area thing is simply bull crap.  Deer dont stop at the state line they walk right on across and eat, piss, crap and breed. Shedding PRIONS all along the way.

What the rules has done is pushed the underground haxidermist into taking the mounts and euros and spreading the PRION.

Where if they do happen to use the trash service that truck loaded with the deer remains is goign down the hwy with in 100 feet of the shop.

Maybe I will just retire, I dont need the money from working in the shop. Its just a hobby according some idiot jack legs.
Wanted / Re: Raccoon
« Last post by Bob Wendt on Yesterday at 08:41:44 PM »
raw cased frozen  by the zillions if  that works.   bob
I don't normally seal but if I was going to do that I would let a skull dry out and then sit for a few days to make sure there is no grease bleeding up thru the bone.  Usually if there is grease it starts showing up within that time frame.  That is the only way I know how to rule out missed grease.
Beginners / Re: Average income?
« Last post by George Roof on Yesterday at 07:50:14 PM »
LMAO Cecil.  I've called you some names in the past but I know for a fact that you're MUCH smarter than that one.

For Sale / Tanned 37" Elk Cape - AWESOME CAPE
« Last post by northernmontana on Yesterday at 07:49:00 PM »
I have a fresh tanned Montana Elk Cape that measures 37" at the ears.  This is one stud of a cape.  Tanned and ready to ship.  They don't come any bigger than this guy.  Will make an outstanding mount.  Price for this one is $499 plus $20 shipping anywhere in the U.S.

We can be reached by PM, by emailing us at or by phone at (406)590-8971.  We accept paypal, checks, money orders and credit cards over the phone. 

We also have in stock hundreds of other capes and lifesize skins including but not limited to W.T., Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope, Coyotes, Fox, Beavers, Wolves and MUCH more.  Feel free to send us an email or check out our website:

Thanks for looking and have a great day. 
There are 3 letters that I use to describe that Mini-Flesher.  They're POS.  Eons ago when WASCO was a pup and I was poor, I bought one.  Then I had to buy a bigger compressor.  Then I had to buy a bigger compressor with a bigger tank.  Then I was constantly picking bits of sinew and fat off my glasses, out of my teeth, off the wall.  When that wasn't happening, strings of sinew were winding up under the shield and around the spindle.  Then I was taking it apart and trying to readjust that blade and guards.  I actually put that POS on this website and GAVE IT TO SOMEONE WHO PAID POSTAGE.   Unless you have a 5 HP compressor with a 50 gallon tank, just buy a round knife.  It will be one helluva lot cheaper in the long run and you can depend on professional results from it.

Ask D.Price how many of those his shavers have on hand.
The Taxidermy Industry / Re: New CWD Rules For Louisiana
« Last post by buckfever/louisiana on Yesterday at 07:45:43 PM »

 And still allow the high fence operations to bring Deer in to their pens .
 Follow the Money !!!!!       

That is 100% not true.  Yes i am a deer farmer breeder.  Louisiana is a closed border state.  We can not bring any live deer into our pens from any state.  We can  still sell to a open border states only.   Any deer brought into any pen must be purchased within the state from other breeders. proper paper work, tags,  and chip # must be documented. And per the new rules a copy must be sent to the state office of all purchases and sells .   "The  high fence operations" either raise their own  deer or purchase from me and other IN STATE breeders.
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