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 : Today at 04:55:57 PM 
srholmes30 - Jerry Huffaker
Beautiful mount Fred, it was great to see you again

 : Today at 04:55:24 PM 
Brandon Zahn - memorymakertaxi
I like the pose,very pleasent to look at.

 : Today at 04:50:23 PM 
Jim Tucker - Cory
How tight are the scales that aren't lifted?  If they seem to be tight I have "scraped" off the loose ones and then penciled in the back of the scale and painted in the scale tip to try a re create the look of a scale being there.  This all depends on your methods you like to use, though.  I know there are a ton of scales to tip on a King, but the time invested in doing it this way with a good gloss has not let me down yet.  If the scale tip on the bare skin is not as sharp as you would like, i have taken a black (not charcoal) pencil and drawing in the entire scale, then when tipping, leave the back edge of the black scale slightly exposed to give a little depth and definition.  I'm sure there are better ways of doing this, it's just what I've done!

 : Today at 04:46:43 PM 
srholmes30 - Matt Marulli
Nice Job Fred!

 : Today at 04:38:14 PM 
Lonewolf_8126 - Kerby Ross
High fibre comes in a powder form.  You mix it with water until it becomes thick enough to work with.  It does not heat up and it does not harm your fish.  You can use it over and over.

For 2 part fish molds you will sink your fish into the high fibre half way to pour your first half of your mold.



 : Today at 04:35:45 PM 
Brandon Zahn - IDForkHorn
Not a bird, but this was pretty fuun to alter and mount up today!

 : Today at 04:33:15 PM 
birdhunter13 - double barrel
I wish I could help you Birdhunter. Call again, or go visit your local DNR office. I can't see how it would be illeagle to own a set.

This is the one area where you won't get much help on T net. Usually anyway, sometimes. You can ask why is hair comming outta my deer?, or what color do you paint a possum tiddy? and get 100 answers from people with big egos wanting to tell what they know. All experts, wanting to be heard. But ask something about buying and selling in diff states and alot of times you get nothing, zilch. There are alot of grey areas in the laws and I think people just don't know the answer.

Just think if someone would write a book about what IS known. OK, you can sell a deer if you live in alabama to a person in Cal. but you can't sell a bear to someone in Va. You can sell a white buffalo hide in Nev. to a person in Kentucky but can't sell a fish to someone in NC. For example. Everybody would want a copy. Good luck!

 : Today at 04:32:53 PM 
Jim Tucker - Jim Tucker
Mounted a sliver king.  At the time I mounted the skin I debated wether or not to blow off the scales as they were pretty loose.  However it looked like I could salvage them so I did not.  I was wrong.  Lifted scales all over.  Before I decided to just get on with it I thought I might throw it out there to see what you guys do with a badly lifted trout/salmon.  Normally I just iron out small patches but this is all over.

 : Today at 04:31:39 PM 
MadeInUSA - MadeInUSA

I hope you enjoy! Hope to do business again!

 : Today at 04:28:02 PM 
taxidermistIN - Cole
Was the winning mount dry preserved as well?

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