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 : Today at 02:20:33 PM 
wcwsscott - michael p.
Many of these competitors in different states are friends and they compete against each other in there varying states more to bring it home to their state & make their state associations and it's members PROUD!  Kinda like Oklahoma or Alabama playing a Texas football team. For these competitors to stay in their home state would be boring to say the least .  I know when Jerry, Clay , Shane & James go to the Oklahoma show they are not there alone in spirit, they have an entire state organization membership rooting for them.

Nothing wrong in having pride & ambition & to question it is kind of awkward.

 : Today at 02:20:05 PM 
Justin2011 - Justin2011
Alan I noticed that in a couple spots that it looks like there was a bb hole and the blood is soaking out in the feather. how do you cure this

 : Today at 02:18:58 PM 
RusTax - museum man
cheri, your work is always fantastic..attention to detail and grooming make your birds stand out from the rest.....keep up the good work.....hop, your songbirds are the best.....they look ready to take off

 : Today at 02:08:27 PM 
ofearthandbone - 3bears
Don't give up. take a look at the basics of hunting. Why did man ever take to harvesting animals? Food. Now days we do not depend solely on wild animals for food, but we still continue to harvest them. The term harvest is relevant here, just like a person harvests their vegetables and plants for food so does a predator harvest other animals for food. either way you are utilizing what has come form the earth. How can one be more right or ethical than the other? The core reason for man to harvest animals was and is for food but somewhere along the lines people got sick of wasting what many to believe an equally important part of the animals. The true likeness of the animal, the skin and antlers or horns. Meat is meat but every animal is an individual and unique. Ethics are a personal choice and I feel what I believe to go right along with what God or mother earth has directed.

 : Today at 01:55:24 PM 
keico - keico
I can not say just how great of an person widowmaker is.

I am always very cautious dealing with someone I do not know. Especially over the internet.

widowmaker is a man of his word and I wish there were more like him,

Any business dealings with him you can count on the fact that he is 100% legitimate.

I will definitely be doing business with him again.

 : Today at 01:44:32 PM 
The Great Outdoorsman - The Great Outdoorsman
Thanks.  I was afraid this may be the result so I only tried one tooth.  Ill try to delute it and try again.

 : Today at 01:38:56 PM 
piatt - piatt
Looking to buy a cougar kitten, preferably whole on the carcass, but does not have to be. thanks

 : Today at 01:21:52 PM 
ofearthandbone - Low T
Mount the rabbit first. Then worry about the habitat. It is a strong bet that you will not get past the rabbit, which you should be focusing on, instead of just dreaming about.

 : Today at 01:21:23 PM 
The Great Outdoorsman - CA Trapper
Seems like a long time in such high test peroxide. You could cut it 50/50 with water thus stretching the peroxide and still achieving the exact same result without the damage.

Seems peroxide on bone is like vinegar with rust. It won't eat away the strong material but it'll expose the week spots.

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 : Today at 01:20:51 PM 
wcwsscott - wcwsscott
I'm one of the guys who is too busy to compete. I didn't say it was bad at all either. I was just wondering what each persons motive was. I do understand the learning curve is different because of different judges. I also understand the comradery involved. I see it as being the best in your home state would be very important because word of mouth generates huge business.  Also, each judge Has their own opinion on what should be "correct" . Taking a piece to multiple judges for critiques is not teaching you very much at all. One judge tells you the inner ear color is great another would like it a little more fleshy or a hair darker. Unless they have the exact animal alive on a leash to compare your mount to, they base their scores on reference and experience, same as the artist who mounted the piece. To each their own I guess. If you can afford to travel, sure I see no problems with it. Also, It's awesome to generate money for these organizations and communities.

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