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Wanted / Re: Texas dahl ram
« Last post by Willie Lyons on Today at 04:42:28 AM »
The Taxidermy Industry / Re: Michigan Show on TV
« Last post by magicmick on Today at 02:52:41 AM »
Thanks Ralph for posting.
Wanted / Re: Looking for raw skulls
« Last post by Miranda on Today at 02:19:01 AM »
hold up, you're selling 11 yote skulls for $66?! I want the same deal, you only said 6 for me, deals off, I'd like 11 for $66 I'll also take your badger, rabbit and skunk, What would that bring me to?
For Sale / Breakthrough Manuals/Boar Shoulder Form
« Last post by Darkman on Today at 01:01:34 AM »
Boar shoulder form (wb27-om McKenzie) with noonkester jawset,eyes,and earliners. $125 to your door

Breakthrough Manuals:

Sally dahmes whitetail
Bird manual
Fish manual
Mammal manuel
Habitat and display manuel
Business manuel

$75 for all to your door.

Please pm or email,thamks

For Sale / Nice Bass blanks for sale Cheap
« Last post by Sea Bass on Today at 12:39:47 AM »
I have 16''-22'' Largemouth and Smallmouth bass as well as 25''-42'' Striped bass blanks for sale for only $1.50 per inch. The seams on these fish are trimmed, sanded and epoxy coated. Email me for more info at
For Sale / Lifesize skinned Porcupine
« Last post by MichaudTaxidermy on Yesterday at 11:48:56 PM »
Large porcupine, just harvested today. Very nice animal, will do all the hard work and skin it for lifesize with feet and tail left in. $50 shipped via a large priority mail flat rate. PM or
For Sale / Re: Air Dried Pelts for Wallhangers
« Last post by MichaudTaxidermy on Yesterday at 11:46:52 PM »
TTT. Muskrats are sold, still have squirrels, coons, and beavers.
Deer and Gameheads / Re: Kudu lip bulge ?
« Last post by buck_wild on Yesterday at 11:12:12 PM »
really flat
Deer and Gameheads / Re: Kudu lip bulge ?
« Last post by buck_wild on Yesterday at 11:07:05 PM »
more pics
Deer and Gameheads / Kudu lip bulge ?
« Last post by buck_wild on Yesterday at 11:05:56 PM »
Looking at lots of pics and even went to see a live kudu over the weekend (didn't get a great look) and I keep seeing an upper lip and bottom lip "bulge". The upper lip area appears to almost flatten out and create a small shelf if that makes sense. There also appears to be a slight bulge below the lower lip. Is the upper lip an optical allusion because of the milk mustache?  What am I seeing?

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