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Bird Taxidermy / Re: BOTW #37
« Last post by TXDUCKMAN on Yesterday at 10:02:23 PM »

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The Taxidermy Industry / Re: taxidermy and the news
« Last post by buckfever/louisiana on Yesterday at 10:01:26 PM »
Well two people noticed how "neat" and "clean" your shop is!  So....either your wife came in and cleaned up before the camera crew got there...............or your gay!!! :o :o

We all have some sort of peeve.
Mine is clutter.  I cant stand it. It will drive me crazy. 

If I don't clean up at the end of the day the first thing that happens ever morning is cleaning.  EVER DAY !
If it gets to out of sort during the day. I will stop  what ever I'm doing to straighten up.

Its bad enough when I see people pull up in the parking lot. I start straightening up my work area.
Great looking fish man!!!
For Sale / Re: Black Bear for sale lifesize and shoulder cape
« Last post by young4895 on Yesterday at 09:52:32 PM »
is your life size hide still available
Bird Taxidermy / Re: Rough time Fleshing.....
« Last post by akvz on Yesterday at 09:52:08 PM »
Try with some divers first if you can-- I've only worked with a few birds myself, so far, but starting with a couple of redheads may have been one of the best decisions I've made. You can be a little rougher on them than other birds, so you can get a better idea of what a fully fleshed duck looks like... you can also go back and flesh some more after washing, rinsing, etc., and it's not going to hurt anything.
Bird Taxidermy / Re: Rough time Fleshing.....
« Last post by Tom Mayer on Yesterday at 09:46:52 PM »
Jhunter, thank you for posting this question, as it gives me an opening for my question. I bought a bird flesher from Stephan. Do you use a coarse wire wheel or a finer one? when I fleshed them with an old grinder that my Grand Dad had I didn't have many problems with going through the skin. With this new flesher I cant seem to do one with out tearing the heck out of it every time. Its been along time in between. I kind of got out of Taxidermy for awhile, and am currently trying to retrain myself. Thanks in advance for any reply's.
Lifesize Mammals / Re: Mammals of the Month - October 2014
« Last post by Matt on Yesterday at 09:25:52 PM »
A big strawberry male finished up last week
Bird Taxidermy / Re: What's on your workbench?
« Last post by nina5150 on Yesterday at 09:18:26 PM »
Thats pretty sweet.nice to finally see a full body hen.they really are pretty
If you didn't receive it please send me your email and I'll get you a copy.

thank you,


Here's a link if you like to read it
Thanks for letting everyone know Tim. I for one truly appreciate all the hard work and time that you and several others have been putting in to help get this all together.
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