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Skulls and Skeletons / Re: Larder beetles for skull cleaning?
« Last post by AKYetiMan on Yesterday at 09:56:09 PM »
Ok, so I guess they are related. I want dermestids but I really don't clean enough skulls to justifying having a bunch. I just thought about raising these bugs because I can catch tons of them up here in the wild whereas I don't think I've ever seen dermestids up here in the wild. Thank for all the help PA and Sea Wolf I really appreciate it!
Beginners / Dried Improperly Fleshed Pelt
« Last post by psitta on Yesterday at 09:56:03 PM »
I am a complete and utter buffoon.  ::) ::) ::)

After reading all the warnings about over-fleshing muskrats, I left an obscene amount of the membrane on the skin. it was a little greenish to begin with, so i applied stop rot (that arrived in the mail AFTER it had unintentionally partially dried) and that's when i noticed just how much I left on...  >:(

Anyway, I have a drying muskrat fur, with stop rot on it and patches of flesh. No fat, just the membrane. I'm really pretty sure I just need to throw it out, but I don't hunt/trap, I'm only in vulture culture, and a fresh muskrat is a rare find around here. I'm stingy about letting it go to waste-- I was kind of excited to give my environmental science prof the fur to have in class...

Is there anything at all I can do about this or did I royally botch the job?  :-\
Hope you have it Patent Pending and I hope you didn't copy someones deer form........looks pretty familiar.

Beginners / Re: Silly question regarding freezer storage...
« Last post by boarhunter67 on Yesterday at 09:40:28 PM »
What's more of a problem is moving from Texas to California.  I'm from Central California and you are going against the trend.  CA just gets more and more liberal every year. 
Beginners / Re: Cape fitting issues
« Last post by boarhunter67 on Yesterday at 09:38:49 PM »
Measure the carcass, not the hide.  Shave after 3 days in the krowtann.  Neutralize well.  One thing that  I noticed is my hides were never neutralized enough when I followed the directions exactly.  I had to add double the baking soda it called for and leave it in for 30 minutes for deer.  Wash, drip or spin semi dry so it's not dripping.  do your final detail shaving of the face and other prep work.  Oil and stretch.  I put the oil on and put a stretcher in the cape and bag it for a few hours.  For me it's much easier to sew to a short Y and stretch and mount than to sew up the whole back if a cape has been cut the whole length.
Bird Taxidermy / Re: Rick Morris-The Turkey Roost
« Last post by Tanglewood Taxidermy on Yesterday at 09:36:31 PM »
Rick was really sick to the point of death. He survived it, however, it really took a toll on him and his family and trying to keep up without him really wore them out.
I believe though, that curtesy calls should have been communicate so that all their customers could be updated and I don't think that happened in a lot of cases.
I don't know them and have not done business with them, however, in an article in Taxidermy Today that I read, he explained his illness and said they were trying to catch up.
Wanted / Armadillos salted skin
« Last post by KChamp on Yesterday at 09:28:03 PM »
Need whole skinned armadillo skin asap! Not the shells but the entire belly and feet and tail skin. Need th very very large.

The form would have to be able to have hide pastes adhere to it, be able to be altered for more than just pose, and the internal armature must be able to hold the pose.

Like was said, a heavy set of antlers should not be able to make it "creep" down or from one side or the other.

There would have to be many sizes available also.

I would like to see a more professional video that would show off more of the form, I.E. the facial features and muscle detail.
Fish Taxidermy / Re: Walleye flex-eyes color variations
« Last post by Perca on Yesterday at 09:18:52 PM »
Yeah well Marty,  you pros have CLIENTS that you can raise prices on. Us hobby hacksidermists who peddle their fish on ebay to bargain basement bidders settle for whatever they are willing to pay. I used to use two eyes, mountmate hangers, Lustre Flex on fins, and made sure the seams on the backside was finished with epoxy putty and rolled down with a Mac-Z-scaler. Now I've dropped back to one eye, 2 screws and a wire, Elmer's Glue, and a strip of paper towels soaked in Modge Podge. Looks good enough for who it's for and saves me a lot of cabbage. One of these days I'm going to get fast enough to mount a 24 hr. fish like M.T. and use the leftover time to go fishin'.   
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