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Wendt wants $60 a piece for the youngins, and $35 for adults. I'm a trapper, and that's the crazy price, I'm used to people paying me to take them away! I'm probably wasting my time on here. Thanks anyway.
Deer and Gameheads / Re: What would you do!?
« Last post by D. Price on Yesterday at 05:41:14 PM »
Find an albino cape for sale and replace the face on the L/ may lose a little money now but that is better than what you could lose in the future as word spreads.

Pics would be good to help us give you more input as well.

Skulls and Skeletons / blueish green tint
« Last post by joeyarcher on Yesterday at 05:37:12 PM »
Recently I found that everytime I get towards the bottom of a 55gal. drum of peroxide, it starts to turn the skulls a light blueish green tint.  I have been doing this for 15yrs. and never had this problem.  Has this ever happened to anyone else? I am not sure what is causing this.  Can anyone help me out?
Buyers and Sellers / Bob Jungman
« Last post by Meathooks on Yesterday at 05:14:53 PM »
I just received a package from Bob Jungman. The gifted birds are absolutely amazing specimens. He really went above and beyond; these being the second box due to the postal service losing the first one. Bob, thank you! You are number 1!
Deer and Gameheads / Re: WT replacement nose
« Last post by 3bears on Yesterday at 04:53:44 PM »
If only the nose pad is gone just rebuild with apoxy sculpt and re-texture and repaint. Something tells me that there is more missing though, and then it still may be possible to make it presentable, can't say for sure, it isn't in front of me.
Habitat and Exhibit / Re: Habitat Lifesize
« Last post by 3bears on Yesterday at 04:49:54 PM »
like it doesn't exist. link doesn't work
Deer and Gameheads / Re: What would you do!?
« Last post by 3bears on Yesterday at 04:46:22 PM »
First off I would no longer have a dog, even if ultimately it was your fault. What more can you do other than own what happened. Albino deer don't come easy or likely very cheep, if you find a life size buck for sale. Do what you can to satisfy the customer and use it as a learning experience. 
Habitat and Exhibit / Habitat Lifesize
« Last post by judah@payereyes on Yesterday at 04:34:48 PM »
For Sale / Habitat Lifesize
« Last post by judah@payereyes on Yesterday at 04:28:49 PM »

Lifesize habitat base rolls on wheels and is solid taking reasonable offers. Can ship/deliver  please call or text 2678857977 for more info    Thanks- Judah, Payer Eyes
Deer and Gameheads / Re: What would you do!?
« Last post by bowelk on Yesterday at 04:22:14 PM »
Find a replacement cape.  With me, it's an integrity thing.
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