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Wanted / Re: white tail cape
« Last post by Western Wildlife Art Studio on Today at 01:57:02 AM »
Have several tanned ones --  406-356-2100   Dave
Wanted / Re: chocolate fallow deer cape
« Last post by Western Wildlife Art Studio on Today at 01:56:09 AM »
Have a fresh tanned cape just coming back from tannery -- call 406-356-2100
Wanted / Re: Shiras Moose needed
« Last post by Western Wildlife Art Studio on Today at 01:54:43 AM »
Have one that is tanned - what size neck do you need ?  - call me 406-356-2100
Beginners / Re: Where to start
« Last post by jburton13 on Today at 01:42:17 AM »
Thanks to all for your input and suggestions. I believe I will try a few videos first and give it a try. As Tanglewood Taxidermy stated I would not have much tied up in it going that route. I am very interested in it though so eventually I most likely would take some classes. And as Low T stated, I do understand that after some classes I would still be a beginner. I don't really care about a "Certificate" per say as much as personally knowing how to do the work would be much more rewarding. As stated in the original post I do have a keen eye for detail and I have always learned really fast with everything I have done so I do look forward to getting started with this. Thanks again to all and look forward to learning even more through this forum.  8)
yeah I saw that too. what a strange thing to announce about the manager of a world series team.
Fish Taxidermy / Re: First attempt
« Last post by Harum on Today at 12:37:01 AM »
   It goes back to that underlying current I spoke of in the beginning.
   This topic is only a footnote to the prejudice that I have seen.
The Taxidermy Industry / Re: taxidermist
« Last post by Richard C on Today at 12:19:02 AM »
  Your description of the home page is a hell of a lot better than mine !
As commonly happens with topic disagreement on, shortly after the initial post responses become profoundly personal and instead of addressing the specifics of the post comments criticize, attack and villianize the person for making them.  I wish it were not so.  In my view, the emotion and inflammatory rhetoric in this thread is a complete waste of time and certainly not reflective of the image the Taxidermist community should want to portray.  The new bylaws have apparently been passed and are in effect.  If there was a section designating the procedure to offer amendments to the Bylaws,  I would use that to submit my comments.  Since there is none, I will conclude that sending them to the NTA president, as he requested, serves the same purpose.

 But, this thread now contains too many misstatements and half-truths with my name associated to them to let them go.  Here are some facts that Tim Thacker and others have misrepresented

1.   The bylaws I DRAFTED over two years ago (2012) should not to be confused with ones I proposed to the Board in 2006 (that failed).  They were not sent in the blind.   In 2012 I was asked by the then President of the Board of the NTA John Janelli, to DRAFT a set of Bylaws based on a number of things he thought needed to be amended.  As requested, I did so. Nothing was mentioned about a pre-existing bylaws committee which, at that time, was his personal prerogative to appoint.  Before sending the DRAFT Bylaws to John Janelli, I asked George Roof to read them for things he felt could be changed or amended.  I did so because George had been vocal about improvements to the then current bylaws.  I also included a number of provisos in a cover page as well as the body of the DRAFT bylaws which needed to be addressed before my suggestions could even be reasonably considered and based on what then President John Janelli said he was going to propose.  I also sent a copy to Fred Vanderburgh at his request although not a Board member he was presumably appointed by the Board to propose a reorganization plan for the NTA a position he allegedly and subsequently quit. 

2.   The document I sent was a modification of what I proposed in 2006, when I was a member of the Board. I was appointed to do so by then president of the NTA Bill Haynes. John Creager stated that no one on the present Board asked me to craft bylaws.  I have never stated that they did.  However, I consider the then president of the NTA a member of the Board and he asked me in that capacity. and  during his tenure.  Having said that, no person should have to be directed by the Board to make suggestion or amendments to the Bylaws and there should be a set procedure to do so.  A membership organization should be interested in the feelings of the membership.  People are sensitive to having incorrect things stated about them or their actions.  Other than the return calls from Fred Vanderburgh and John Janelli, I did not then and do not now know where those bylaws went  or if all of what I crafted accompanied what was sent.  I really do not care, and for the record I do not care if they were used, although both Mitch Web and Tim Thacker both said they were used along with others. What I do care about is accurate statements.

3.   Tim Thackers sarcastic threads subsequent to my personal call to him are extraordinary.  I did call him and I did ask that he not use my name if it were not me making the comments.  He said that because my name was used by George Roof I was fair game for him.  I disagreed and said for him to stop using my name when I was not the one commenting.  The call was then interrupted as I had a customer enter the shop.  You all can draw your own conclusions about  his response.   Tim Thackers rendition and assumptions on his thread following that call are simply wrong and presented in the same sarcastic negative rhetoric as he has previously.   A quote from a recent Tim Thacker thread. Ill just inform you and Craig Lewis that we dont need any stinking bylaws drafted by either of you.  I am not sure who we is, or the significance of stinking but, this type of rhetoric is unnecessary.  Whether he likes it or not, I was appointed by the President of the NTA to develop Draft Bylaws and I did.  What others did with them is up to them. To spend the time it takes to put something together and have it summarily trash canned is unfortunate but not my responsibility. After all it has taken over two years for the now current NTA Bylaws to be passed and presented

4.    I sent my Bylaws with the proviso to trash it if it is not desired It would have been nice to hear that was the case from the person who asked me to prepare it.   Does Tim Thacker have authority to decide which proposals are received or accepted and from whom and evaluate their value?  Lastly, Tim Thacker posted the last Paragraph of a two page cover document accompanying the 2012 DRAFT I sent to John Janelli and Fred Vanderburgh.  Maybe he would like to post the rest of it?  If anyone would like to see the entire document I would be happy to send it to them.

5.   I called Mitch Webb to basically ask if Tim Thacker was the spokesperson for the NTA as he seems to be the individual giving answers on behalf of the Board through the regular use of us and we. I was told by Mitch Webb that he was not a Board member and is not representing the Board in any way. I also told Mitch Webb that in my opinion the Bylaws posted had  some issues and asked if he would like me to send him my thoughts, he emphatically said yes.  Where they go and who sees them from there is unknown to me.  Just like previously, I will send them to the NTA President at his request

6.   Fred Vanderburgh stated that I called Mitch Webb and told him the Bylaws were illegal.  That is preposterous I made no such call and did not make any such statement in any conversation.  If you doubt this, call Mitch Webb.   Fred Vanderburgh also stated that I was upset that the bylaws I wrote in 2006 were not used. I was upset in 2006 as the then board failed to adopt them without debate or review.  My disappointment was not that that the proposal failed, but that the then Board did not demonstrate due diligence to even review them after I was appointed by the then President Bill Haynes to a committee to do them. I modified the 2006 proposal based on President Janellis desires as well as my own thoughts as I understood where the NTA was going.   Fred should know that as he was sent a memo clearly outlining my proposal dated August 6, 2012 and the provisos. I did call Fred Vanderburgh sometime later, and subsequent to him asking me to send them, to see what he thought.  He said he had received them but was no longer doing reorganization, had not read them, and had sent them on - to whom I do not know.   It is nice to know now that Fred kept a copy of what I sent him and offered his opinion that they are not acceptable.  Fred is also very wrong in stating that I do not support anything unless I am associated with it - BS

7.   It is just this kind of unnecessary misrepresentation that destroys any confidence people have in others. Tim Thackers, Fred Vanderburghs  and John Creagers inaccurate presentations do nothing to make things better

8.   John Creager infers that I have a conflict of interest.   Apparently he feels a member of the UTA cannot contribute to the NTA.  I find that statement ridiculous.  I guess John Creagers position is that you cannot be a member of the NTA if you are part of the UTA and vice versa.  He might be surprised at the number of NTA members who are also UTA members. There is no conflict interest. Nothing in what I was asked to provide degrades, compromises or places in jeopardy anything about the NTA.  Possibly he has never read them.  I do not receive any money or compensation from the UTA.  I helped the NTA and the UTA when they asked, as well as the Montana Taxidermy Association, Arizona Taxidermy Association, Oklahoma Taxidermy Association the Missouri Taxidermy ordinance issues and many others. If my help is not desired, then do not call and ask. By the way, for what its worth, my post on the net regarding the New UTA initiative was requested by the UTA Board.  And for the record I am no longer on the Board and have not been on the Board for two years.  The UTA has term limits, and I had served my time. I do attend some of the monthly meetings as anyone can.  I handle the UTA finances without pay along with a contracted CPA accountant.  I also make observations and suggestions some of which are adopted and some are not

9.   The comment has been made more than once that the posted Bylaws were reviewed and presumably concurred in by two attorneys.  I do not know what they were asked to do, but I have not posted a single comment regarding the new bylaws.  I do not question that attorneys and CPAs have reviewed the document having now read it myself, I do not see anything illegal.  But, legality is only one thing of many that should take place in developing/amending any official document.  At President Webbs request, I will send my observations to him.  If anyone wants to see them please let me know.

10.   All that being said, and contrary to the opinion of some, I am a life member of the NTA and have every right to voice an opinion which until this point, I have done individually over the phone.  I presumably have the right to voice my opinion without the childish insults and accusations. 

In my view, there are many other innuendos and half-truths in this thread.  I hope people will be cautious.  The taxidermist fraternity needs to be represented in a positive light.  Even in disagreement, participation can be civil and constructive without assuming that there is a conflict of interest or some hidden agenda.  Debate should be based on fact not assumption or relying on what someone else has said.   Personal insults and degrading comments have no place in honest debate.
The Taxidermy Industry / Re: taxidermist
« Last post by tem on Yesterday at 11:23:33 PM »
we came. we mounted. were taxidermist.
Skulls and Skeletons / Rabbit dentation?
« Last post by akvz on Yesterday at 11:22:31 PM »
So I've got a jackrabbit skull I'm working on finishing up right now... does anyone have a good diagram of what rabbit dentation looks like? Domestics should be fine as well. I think it should be self explanatory like most skulls but a lot of these teeth look the same and I want to make sure I get them in the right place.
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