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 : Today at 10:50:50 AM 
Andrew M - DZach
Welcome to taxidermy Andrew. I use allot of Liqua Tan and Liqua Soft and can get about 6 deer hides tanned with a quart of tanning oil. I just tried Trubond and liked that tan also. I like the brush on tans, easy to use, with good results.

 : Today at 10:45:43 AM 
Scorpio2005 - BowDeadly
Your a waste of time

 : Today at 10:23:19 AM 
gnatboy911 - Toxic

no evap from the degreasing tank. still have some from the 5 gal buckets but that's because if you have antlers the buckets cannot be perfectly sealed

 : Today at 10:19:01 AM 
treeclimber - Cameron Ream
I know,thank you.

 : Today at 10:18:34 AM 
wildwoods2 - dave selenke
I might be able to help you give me a call at 620-545-5227

 : Today at 10:13:08 AM 
Jason Rader - bucksnort10
Those bottles look like maple syrup...  ;)   sweet...

Yep, that brand is bottled in Door County here in Wisconsin.

Crown Royal Maple Syrup


Eugene must have made pancakes for you!

Your spoonie looks great. 

 : Today at 09:52:06 AM 
mmtx81countrygal - mmtx81countrygal
diggitydave1 im the hands on type. i can watch but if i cant get in & do some of it, it doesnt sink in & stay.

im not taking any of this like an attack. its all learning.

 : Today at 09:51:15 AM 
riderlow23 - Cecil
Wow Glenn those are nice! Does your state still plant tiger muskies? Mine stopped and only plants non-hybrid musky.

 : Today at 09:47:40 AM 
mmtx81countrygal - mmtx81countrygal
when the customer was called to ask about it, he said he had the cape out in a cooler for a few days before bringing it to us, wasnt sure how long, & other excuses. we just wanted to let him know the original cape was ruining so he could make a decisions on another cape or horn mount. he in the past would bring in rotten heads for euro mounts  & such.

never had any issues with the tanner on any other capes so far either.

im not blaming anyone just asking thoughts since i never had a cape slip that bad before ever, never seen it before unless it was on a bad, decomposing body.

the translucent & rubber is what it was like. it had NO stretch & as i tried to stitch, it ripped out matter how thick the hide was in that area.

 : Today at 09:43:59 AM 
Rick Krane - Rick Krane
Richard the VF workshop will be July it will be the week of July 25-29 2014.

Rick Krane

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