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Bird Taxidermy / Re: Turning rooster pheasant head
« Last post by idbatman on Today at 11:02:32 AM »
If your only doing a few ... to keep your methods similar to water fowl .. use a cast head  or  half cast head method . It eliminates all the clay in the eyes BS.  Your eye set is correct and solid before you ever pull the skin on.

Maybe I will find the time for some pics....
Lifesize Mammals / Re: Alteration question
« Last post by Keith on Today at 11:01:44 AM »
If I use a mache, (plaster and vermiculite)  I brush shellac over the hardened mache.  The shellac keeps the plaster from sucking the moisture from the hidepaste. 
For Sale / Life size WT wet tanned
« Last post by Mrwhttail on Today at 10:29:27 AM »
I have one remaining life size WT that is wet tanned. Face and ears are in prefect condition. Medium length on the hair. This is dorsal skinned with relief cuts on the legs.
$350 shipped to your door.
contact me if you have any questions.
thanks, Dan
Tanning / Re: Pro1 Brush On Tan
« Last post by joe simmons on Today at 10:22:54 AM »
It's my favorite , used to use liqua tan, and tru bond but Pauls tan works much better on my small mammals as that is the only thing I tan in house
I had a similar problem, with my 2nd mount attempt last month. I mucked out the right ear pretty bad when I turned it. luckily for me I was able to get my hands on a deer head that was not going to be mounted so I skinned out the right ear much more carefully this time, used some dry preservative, carefully cut patches (4 in total) and finally used hide paste to glue the patches in place (Don't forget to card the patches so the edges will lay flat as it dries).
I'm no professional, but I'm quite proud of the way this turned out.
Hope this is helpful
Tanning / Re: pressure washer and soaked hide?
« Last post by joe simmons on Today at 10:17:30 AM »
Not sure why it's getting soaked on the hair side, I hang mine just to drip the excess water off, but the hair and fur on my skins are never soaked
Fish Taxidermy / Re: New guy...Where to start?
« Last post by Sikk on Today at 10:15:45 AM »
trapsht, as far as the air brush, each brush will do a specific task, so either you will want several tips, several brushes or at least one detail brush in addition to a general brush. keep in mind there are many techniques for painting besides air, which you will learn from Rick's video. learning how to get your air brush to work effectively and efficiently will be an important step.  then its just a matter of learning by doing and by learning about the limitations of certain mediums. practice each step before you attempt it on a fish, especially clear coating.  as far as the compressor, if it has adequate storage and production it will be fine, use a regulator and a moisture trap at your bench. also think about a booth or at least a shop air filtration system to scrub the air of suspended paint particles. finally lot of light, mix the spectrum's to help get a better color representation. paul
Fish Taxidermy / Re: New guy...Where to start?
« Last post by Jim Tucker on Today at 10:05:33 AM »
Since you said if I was to START OVER again this is what I would do knowing what I do now.

1.  Get these 2 books.  Learn how to mount a fish not just paint a reproduction.

2.  get a video or two

2.  Join your state organization and GO with a piece AND get your critique.

3.  If you STILL want to continue go get private lessons from someone who knows what they are doing and can teach fish taxidermy...AND airbrush lessons from someone who can paint.

4.  Don't be in a hurry to make a business out of it until you know what you  are doing.  To many times guys hurt themselves putiing out crap for a few years before they really should be.  Causes a lot of damage to your rep IMO.
For Sale / beautiful northern ontario wet tanned black bear
« Last post by Laurier on Today at 09:55:46 AM »
I have a beautiful wet tanned black bear aprox 190 lbs very beautiful skin come with cities export permit and 3-177 form $500.00

e-mail or PM ONLY
Beginners / Salt brine before tanning?
« Last post by Jomas on Today at 09:50:03 AM »
Hello all, I am an aspiring beginner.

I have a boar cape sitting in a brine solution, and I plan on fleshing it before tanning. Will that work?

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