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Skulls and Skeletons / Re: Chicken Skull issues
« Last post by xxohmycaptainxx on Today at 05:15:29 PM »
Thank you all for the advice but it seems my efforts were futile as the skull began to break down. I'm not really sure why though. The peroxide I used was common 3% store brand so It shouldn't of been that. It just started breaking apart into little dusty pieces. Yeah my maceration water was pretty hot, at 95 degrees, but it was only macerating for 4 days. I've been macerating another skull, which I ID'd as a feral pigeon, and its still fine after nearly a month. Oh well, ya win some ya lose some. In other news I just received a male Reeve's muntjac skull and a python skull, which I got for free when I purchased the muntjac, that I ordered a few days ago. Both are really gorgeous. I wish the muntjacs horns were more symmetrical but from what I've gather their horns are rarely symmetrical.

A doe I did for a low income hunter "a kids first deer" just because I did it for practically free doesn't mean We have to do crappy jobs.

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Skulls and Skeletons / Re: Few elk skulls
« Last post by Orkman-X on Today at 05:12:38 PM »
CA: that's what I was trying to find out in a more elaborate way of say 2000 words?

kidding, but still everyone of those were true
Skulls and Skeletons / Re: Few elk skulls
« Last post by CA Trapper on Today at 05:03:15 PM »
While we are talking simmering, what is the best temp range to simmer a skull?

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Deer and Gameheads / Re: Largest buck killed on film
« Last post by bullwhacker on Today at 05:00:49 PM »
Not shocked at all it was shot here. And we dont pen deer up here, dont need to
Bird Taxidermy / Re: When to give up?
« Last post by dwimberly on Today at 04:56:42 PM »
Well if it eases your pain any, I have had my birds caught in drill bits while drilling holes in the form that ripped the bird from one end to the other, I have had pellet holes turn into nightmares that cause a leg to completely come off the bird, they have been caught in the flesher a couple of times, and the list continues. Now that I have been mounting them for 8 years and running, I tend to not have any trouble on any bird. I have learned to see problems before the arrive and stop them in their tracks. I would say to try and stay patient and it will come over time with the more birds you get under your belt. I have only thrown one bird away in my life and that is because his wing was so freezer burned I couldn't do anything with it.

Good Luck with everything.
For Sale / Re: Raw skulls
« Last post by skullduggery on Today at 04:52:19 PM »
We'd like to buy the red fox.

Contact at:

Best regards.

Bob Bicknell
Wanted / Pine martin
« Last post by Big Cat on Today at 04:50:29 PM »
I need a nice dry tanned wall hanger pine martin.  Best to call or txt 970-629-8220
Deer and Gameheads / Re: Mounting up my personal best.....
« Last post by Vince Spellane on Today at 04:49:15 PM »
That is awesome!....check out OTS
Skulls and Skeletons / Re: Few elk skulls
« Last post by Orkman-X on Today at 04:37:12 PM »
hey scott

thanks for sharing. this has been bugging me for two years now but Jared sparked my reactions since he knew it would on a 'skull guy', bad boy!

if you watch the SU clip closely (I must have reviewed it 200 times by now), jay says that the beetles eat the remaining flesh once it dried for 24 hours on a shelf. this looks to me a chronological description of their procedure without showing any degreasing of any kind late on. You also see at one point a complete horse skull in a beetle tank.

SU deffo boils larger skulls, He even says so in the clip. so there must be a way to do it without damaging anything. the initial post pic form Major is too small to blow up and look at nasal turbinates but I guess they are there. they are important to me too as a collector.

I never boiled before but I want to know! why are great guys like "the dog " not boiling but also spending months on degreasing ?
why are some saying your skull will be fixated with grease while others say it's awesome degreasing while boiling?

honestly, I don't want to start to fight like mac vs beetles or so. I just want to know. I'm on here and try to help whoever/whenever I can but I have little experience with larger heads and they always squeeze my tiny bandwith

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