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Rick asked me to share this update. Richard was resting comfortable last night and is in surgery now this morning. The procedures will take serval hours and Rick will call me when it is over and he can tell me more. Richard was so happy to hear some of the comments Rick read to him and the calls n text Rick was getting in the hospital is such a great support and comfort to the family. Richard is a tough old bird and is in the best hands medically one could ask for. Kathie
Bird Taxidermy / Re: Mark 11 ( Mark whicker)
« Last post by deerguy09 on Today at 09:21:05 AM »
Same here . Doesn't work anymore . He is doing a couple birds for me and they should be done . Last contact was July and said they would be done in a couple weeks . Haven't heard from him since . He is a good guy to work with
Wanted / Gemsbok cape and back hide needed
« Last post by ShannonOstertag on Today at 09:19:08 AM »
I am looking for a Gemsbok Cape and Back Hide . please email, call. or text direct , don't post here as I douibt I will remember to check back

phone     417-235-8848
text        417-737-0376

thanks -

Shannon Ostertag
Wanted / mature pronghorn cape needed
« Last post by ShannonOstertag on Today at 09:16:31 AM »
I am looking for a mature pronghorn buck cape , good quality . please email , call, or text direct , don't post here as I doubt I will remember too check it.

phone   417-235-8848
text      417-737-0376

thanks -
Shannon Ostertag
Bird Taxidermy / Re: Reproduction heads vs Bird skull
« Last post by twinrivers on Today at 09:14:48 AM »
Artificial heads save time, don't shrink, and the end result us the quality of your paint job. In a pinch I use actual head, but not very often.
Deer and Gameheads / Re: Elephant tusk mounting.
« Last post by Jerry Huffaker on Today at 09:08:45 AM »
You have to cut them John,  I have my bases made with the bottom wider than the top for more stability.  Scott Lennards bronzes are awesome , I have used them and they are easy to mount.  They cost  2500.00 Each.
Bird Taxidermy / Re: BOTW #38
« Last post by museum man on Today at 08:58:56 AM »
beautiful job tim
Beginners / Re: mixing water and laquer paints
« Last post by twinrivers on Today at 08:58:46 AM »
Did you try superhide white?
For Sale / Re: 3 Days only, Tanned Iowa Capes
« Last post by hidenorhair on Today at 08:58:00 AM »
Last day on this cape. Nice cape for customer work. Everything in there on split brisket and hole above nose pad sewed up well. Nice winter hair on this one with short Y. Thanks. Josh
Beginners / Re: 5min epoxy
« Last post by twinrivers on Today at 08:56:11 AM »
I second that George. Actually working on a muley that another guy mounted where one antler is loose and the other fell off. Looks like they were done with mache...that's it. Since it is a repair of something I didn't mount I am not going spend a lot of time on it. Thinking of just drilling some holes and using two rods per antler and bondo. Hate those jobs.
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