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Wanted / Garment tanned bobcats
« Last post by ROCKYMN on Yesterday at 02:31:57 PM »
Looking for two MO. Garment tanned bobcat.
Need to be new tans. Need for a project asap.
Beginners / Re: Doing my first mount (coyote), tips/answers/etc needed
« Last post by MLP on Yesterday at 02:09:19 PM »
Assuming your cape is tanned, the steps in the process would be something like this. Test fit, prep form, do final prep of cape thinning and sewing holes, insert earliners or bondo ears, prep form for ear base depending on how you do ears, if open mouth install jaw set and artificial nose if applicable, set eyes,  do clay work, apply hide paste, slide cape onto form, line up ears, tuck eyes, lips and nose, adjust cape to hair patterns, line up whiskers, do detail work, fluff and brush out hair with blow dryer and groom, allow to dry tweeking every day, do final grooming, final painting and detail work. That is a very basic ste by step of the process.  The techniques of the process vary greatly with each taxidermist having his or her preferences.  The steps may vary as welll depending on the technique used.  Do some reading in the archives, on the tutorial page, watch some videos (lots of free ones on youtube) or invest a few bucks on tutorial a DVD from one of the suppliers. The process is one thing, but if you're looking for technique that's a long and in depth and at times contradictory theme.
The Taxidermy Industry / Re: Why we all need to dump UPS
« Last post by Cecil on Yesterday at 01:37:25 PM »
Hell, I would be way more concerned about only have $120.00 in my checking account. Better raise those prices. Lol

Which has nothing to do with UPS's prices and the fact that the shipping was more than the order.  ::)

Bird Taxidermy / Re: Looking for a drake redhead
« Last post by little fred on Yesterday at 01:24:19 PM »
good luck.....

   I have beed looking for a while also  :'(
The Taxidermy Industry / Re: Why we all need to dump UPS
« Last post by Hammer on Yesterday at 12:32:40 PM »
Hell, I would be way more concerned about only have $120.00 in my checking account. Better raise those prices. Lol
Lifesize Mammals / Re: Things Just Got Real
« Last post by Hammer on Yesterday at 12:16:38 PM »
So what is this Rare tag you speak of? Or are u planing on mounting a lifesize TAG. Lol
Fish Taxidermy / Re: Probably old news but...
« Last post by Randy Budzynski on Yesterday at 12:02:52 PM »
I had no idea. It's been a few years since I used one of their replicas. Most of the ones I have used over the years were pretty good quality and hopefully they retain the quality after the transition.
Lifesize Mammals / Re: Raccoon
« Last post by pir^2h on Yesterday at 11:01:04 AM »
Contact Bob Wendt (in the for sale section).  He almost always has these skins, and he has an extremely good reputation.  I have bought from him in the past. 
For Sale / Walleye, Yellow Perch, Black Crappie Reproduction Blanks!
« Last post by Dondi on Yesterday at 10:35:22 AM »
I have for Sale:

- 18" Walleye $ 110
- 16" Walleye $ 100
- 13 1/2" Yellow Perch $ 91
- 11 1/4" Black Crappie $ 75

Features :
- Correct Anatomy
- Good on both sides.
- Includes lower fins.
- Custom Cast.

If interested please Email or Text me.
440 - 954 - 0613
Don Patton

PayPal or Credit card.
Thanks for considering!
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