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Fish Heads, how much would a 18.5 inch Smallmouth Bass weigh?

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Here along the susquehanna river in PA the river bass that length are pushing 3 1/2 ponds.  In Ny lake Erie fish that size in may(pre-spawn) are pushing 4 1/2 ponds on average.  Love those Lake Erie footballs.

Jims Wildlife Studio:
In Lake Ontario at the end of August when fish are schooled up, this size will also vary from 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 lb's. My son actually won the Outdoor Life Fishing contest a few year's ago with a 5 3/4 lb smallmouth 19 " for his age division at the time was 9.

Mark V.:
I would have to agree with the other Marc and GBruch. I think 3-3 1/2 pounds for a 18.5 being that a Largemouth would weigh maybe 4.5 pounds depending on girth. I Have a 19 inch that I caught and it weighed 3 pounds 6 Oz. on a certified scale and it has a pretty good sized belly. This was a MN. fish. Maybe would weigh a little more from down south. I do alot of smallmouths and a 4-5 pounder is 20-22 inches. Just my thoughts though,Mark V.


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