polishing longhorns

Submitted by stony on 7/26/00. ( g.w.l.t@ wcnet.net )

I have a set of longhorn horns I've got them smooth. I was
wondering if there is somting I can use to polish them with

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Buffing Compound

This response submitted by JL on 7/30/00. ( wmlures@xtdl.com )

Stony,I've done a couple of sets a few years back, and did them the same way I do Moose and Deer feet for lamps and gunracks. First I scrape them down with pieces of broken glass (this works best) until all the rough gouges and scratches are gone. Then I sand with 220 grit,400 grit, 600 grit sandpaper until everything is very smooth. To polish them, you need a good cloth buffing wheel on your bench grinder and dress it with white metal buffing compound.You can get this compound at a machine shop supply house. (It's expensive).Go over the horns lightly until they shine like glass.A word of caution.When you buff horns or hooves you will create heat that will cause a hot spot to turn white, so keep the buffing areas cool and keep moving so you dont create a hot spot. Let the buffing compound do the work. Good luck...JL

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