Shaving tools?

Submitted by Ridgerunner on 12/15/00. ( )

I have a Question?Im no pro and I mount only friends and familys deer.Im not in the -->Business<--I do it for fun and enjoy it.Ive done five deer and they turned out nice.My question is how much strech do you get by shaving.Does this mean if my deer has 18 in ear and 3in down 22in.Will shaven it make these dim. larger?I was told to always get forms 1 inch smaller than my hide?Also what are reasonable tools for shaving?Mini flesher?On the deer Ive done i didnt shave the hide and really didnt have a fit problem.Is it worth buying if I only do a few deer a year?How about small game?Shave?The only advantage I see by shaven is greater girth?Also thinner softer leather.Sorry so long but i dont get it.Thanks in advance

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 12/15/00. ( )

Some of the reasons for shaving are just not for stretch as you might assume.
1 Yes you will get some more stretch out of it. So lets say you have a 18" neck you can use a 19" neck. But I don't advise any one to do this. I never like to over stetch my hides.

2 And the main reason is detail. When you have a hide that is thinned out properlly. All the groves, muscle tones show through much easier.

3 Less shrinkage. Again a shaved hide will have less shrinkage and less chance of the hide drumming.

Thats just a few reasons on why you shave. As for tools for shaving get what you can afford. It may be just a razor blade for this or a fleshing machine. The mini-flesher is a great tool once you learn how to use it. A bit noisy and the air compresser runs a bit, but it will do a nice job on a hide. And I do shave small game but thats getting real close to hair roots when you do this.

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