coyote skinning

Submitted by Robert Howe on 1/31/01. ( )

Hi, I am new to taxidermy and am getting ready to skin my first coyote and have a few questions. Can you pull the whole foot through like a tube to skin or do you need to make a relief cut? Do you need to degrease a coyote during the tanning, if so when? I will be skinning, fleshing, salting hard, rehydrating, oxalic acid pickle for 2 days, doing any small shaving needed, repickle for 4 hrs, neutralizing, and tanning with Lutan-F. When would you degrease if needed? Is it possible to wash the hide before salting? Thanks for all replys, this forum is great.

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I can help a little

This response submitted by Troy Peterson on 1/31/01. ( )

I have someone else do my tanning, but I do know that even if I could get the leg skinned without cutting it, my tanner would cut it when it got there. It's just to hard to work with them if there not cut. On the front legs I usually cut up the back of the leg to what I would call the elbow. Sorry I couldn't help with your tanning questions, but there will be plenty of good folks willing to help I'm sure.

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