freeze drying deer feet

Submitted by Jeff on 2/21/01. ( )

I've never used freeze dryed parts.I would like to know if freeze drying
is a long lasting alturnitive to skin mounting " I'm thinking of
haveing the foot gun racks I do done this way" just never tryed it
will they look as good also and be as strong . any comments would
be welcomed Thanks Jeff

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This response submitted by Chris on 2/22/01. ( )

Freeze-drying is the only way to go on this one! The feet look natural, and if maintained clean they should last forever. You will need to remove the marrow after drying, as marrow does not freeze-dry. I push a wire down the marrow channel in the bone and break up the marrow. Then I blow high pressure air down the channel with a nozzle that has a 3" tube on it. This really blasts out the last of the marrow and moisture. I then push in some dry preservative to coat the inside of the channel. Bondo in some rod or cut-off bolts, and you're done.

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