Alternative to Flesh-All Mini Shaver

Submitted by Claude on 2/21/01. ( )

I am wanting to try the Flesh-All Mini Shaver, but I do not have an air compressor. Does anyone know of a drill bit or an electric alternative to the Flesh-All Mini Shaver. I need something small and lightweight comparable to the Flesh-all.

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i use one

This response submitted by michael on 2/21/01. ( )

i currently use a flesh all mini flesher i use it with a fore-dom tool this is electric and some what expensive. it does work really well if you cannot afford or do not have the room for a regular fleshing machine look in Research Mannikins catalog i believe they sell the fore-dom tool


This response submitted by Claude on 2/21/01. ( )

Thanks I will definitely check into that!

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