Killer Glue, Hidemaster, Epo-Grip, or WASCO Hidepaste?

Submitted by Bryan B on 3/2/01. ( )

I will be doing my first whitetail deer shoulder mount soon and I wanted some opinions on what type of hide paste/epoxy I should use. I will be using a ruffed McKenzie form and a home tanned cape. From what I understand, if I use an epoxy the mount will "set" within several hours and there will probably be less shrinkage and adjusting. If I use something like the WASCO hide paste I will be adjusting the skin and using pins for a while. As a beginner which epoxy or hidepaste should I use? Killer Glue, Hidemaster, Epo-Grip, or WASCO Hidepaste? Or does someone have another suggestion?

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Epo-grip would be my suggestion......

This response submitted by Tony on 3/2/01. ( )

I can't speak for the hidemaster because I have never used it, but I can guarantee you that the epo-grip will do the job and will require no pinning afterwards like the hidepaste will. Give it a try, I bet you will like it, especially if you are planning to get serious about taxidermy. Once again, I am not knocking any of the other products, I just know what works for me. Good luck, whichever way you go!


First time you will need much time to adjust the mount.

This response submitted by John C on 3/2/01. ( )

I would not want to be lock in on adjusting time. Since this is your first mount, you are likly to make several mistakes, like all of us have, I would go with a slow setting, (i.e. several days) hide paste this will let you correct thing you may find wrong when reviewing your reference photos.

The epoxies should wait intil you are sure you never want to move the skin again.

Buckeye Supreme

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 3/2/01. ( )

I use epo grip and buckeye products. I would highly encourage you to start with something that will give you enough time to adjust. Epo grip is a good hide paste for folks who can put a mount together quickly and ACCURATELY. I think most should start with dextrine or buckeye and then graduate up to the epoxies. Just my opinion.

Dave Toms

Just a thought

This response submitted by Chip on 3/4/01. ( )

I like to use "Killer Glue" or some sort of epoxie on the ear liners
and a slow dry hide paste on the rest of the form. This way you can
take advantage of the qualities of both. I like to stick the ears fast
to reduce the chance of drumming, but also like the slow drying hide paste
everywhere else for "fine tuning."

Good Luck

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