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i have been using wax to fill in any gaps that form around the eyes as the cape dries. i read in the archives that if you use epoxy around the eyes when first mounting the epoxy will hold the skin and no wax will be needed. my question is, with all the clay that is used around the eyes you wont have any form exposed to epoxy the eye skin to,or is the epoxy used directly on the glass of the eye? there's alot of info in the archives but i'm not sure how and where exactly the epoxy is applied. any further information will be appreciated.

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using epoxy around eyes

This response submitted by pat on 3/16/01. ( )

Was my question answered many times before?


Give us a little time..

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 3/16/01. ( bigjims@adelphia.nat )

You use the epoxy in place of the clay around the eyes. Being that epoxy sets up quick you need to insert it through the eye opening after mounting the cape.

I do the epoxy work and mount as normal.

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The epoxy will firm up in about 2 hours, that should be plenty of working time. Just use it in place of clay.


This response submitted by PAT on 3/16/01. ( )

i guess i wasn't to clear in explaining. i didn't mean using such things as SculpAll or Epoxie Sculp. when i was reading this thing about using epoxy around the eyes in the archives it sounded like somethin like epogrip was used and no pinning was necessary! do any of you use anything like epogrip to glue the lids to the glass of the eye? i hope i did a better job of explaining this time. sorry guys!


NO there in no med to use epoxt to glue the lids to the eye

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You will find by using Apoxy or another brand, that this stuff will stick the eyelids down by itself. It has some tack, but yes for tear ducts EPO-GRIP hide paste will not move once it sets.

Prep cape, preset antlers, just set eyes so they dont slip, place cape on form, slide cape up and reset antlers, pull cape down do eye work thru antler hole, do ears and glue, sew up cape, tuck eyes or place eye skin and pin where needed, glue face, set face. roll upside down, pull cape down glue mannikin roll up and set brisket. staple back, fine tune face and details. WHen you use EPO-GRIP you are done. Little if any work will be needed over the next days.

apoxy around eyes

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thanks to all for your replies. john that last post cleared things up


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