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Submitted by Lenny on 3/16/01. ( )

I bought some Pheasants that were mailed out on Monday. They arrived at my house on Thursday. They smelled like they would knock a buzzard off a SH__ wagon. I put them in the freeze when they arrived Is there any hope or should I just toss them? Is there anything I could try before I toss them or forget them? This will or would have been the first birds I wsa going to mount. Any help or advise would be very helpful. Thanks, Lenny

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This response submitted by Mike on 3/17/01. ( )

Lenny, Check and see if the waddles are slipping just like an animal skin. If their that bad the skin will pull apart easy.The feathers will pull out quite easily. Also if there junk send them back and complain to them telling them that you will post their name that they are selling junk if they won't refund you. Mike

One day air express

This response submitted by Jeff Nelson on 3/22/01. ( )


I personally would have all your birds in the future ship one day air. They should be installing the bird in a freezer bag and adding water to freeze them or using dry ice to keep it cool until it reaches your house, but most birds unthaw in about 24 hours depending on temp. So if it took three or four days to get to your door, I'll bet they were pretty ripe! I'll add that you might haft to pay more for shipping but If you after a good product you need to pay the difference.

Later Jeff

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