Turkey Full Body Forms

Submitted by JP on 3/8/01. ( secamen@cs.com )

I am looking for a company that sells turkey forms that clearly and distinctly show the anatomically correct location for wing and leg bone positioning, and also includes the neck and head [minus beak].

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Buckeye Mannikins

This response submitted by Art on 3/9/01. ( )

Buckeye Mannikins has the easiest turkey Mounting system and the best artificial heads on the market.
That is ,,if you ask me : )

Turkey System

This response submitted by Brad on 3/11/01. ( Broadhead3@aol.com )

If you are looking for an easy system to use try Joe Coombs. They have a easy to use system that consists of body, neck & head, thighs.
The body is clearly marked for attachment points. I you want an excellant body try a Cally Morris. They are sold by McKenzie / Tom Powell.

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