first duck mount

Submitted by Todd Scott on 3/28/01. ( )

Are there any books/videos on mounting a hanging/dead duck.

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Dead bird

This response submitted by Brent on 3/29/01. ( )

I don't know of any books, but mounting a dead duck requires just as much studying as a flying or standing bird. Take a bird, hang it a take a few pictures of it. You will notice that when a bird is hanging dead, the foot that is hanging will be center with the neck. It's all about balance. The weigth of the bird will be more to the side of the foot that is hanging. The wing on that side will extend more that the other and the tail will fall to that side. The other wing will fall closer to the body. Look at reference, you will see what I am talking about.


This response submitted by michael s on 3/29/01. ( )

WASCO has a fine bird mounting manual that covers the very thing you are trying to do and they do it with ducks, i used this manual on a dead grouse mount, my very first bird mount and i did really well with it in competition, two first place and a best of category and a second at the world show (prof. div.)get the book it is very cant go wrong

Old hog head.

This response submitted by Dwight M. on 3/29/01. ( )

I have an old hog head hanging in a tree. What can I do to make this thing look good on the wall? Should I boil it and soak it in peroxide sollution? What are the steps? I sure need some advice my ol' lady is tired of walking around it.


This response submitted by . on 3/30/01. ( )

in the tree! lol

fresh specimen

This response submitted by Brent on 4/2/01. ( )

I've noticed that birds that are hanging shortly after being killed will hang different than birds that have been frozen, thawed out, and then hung up. There probably won't be a big enough difference for customer mounts but if you plan on doing a something for competition you need to use fresh bird references.

I think the reason for the difference is the moisture gain or loss during the freezing process allowing the bird to hang either stiffer or more relaxed, with stiffer being the most common problem.

Brent in AR

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