Mounting a fox squirrell

Submitted by Julie on 6/1/01. ( )

I have mounted a fox squirrell on a climbing position and would like to know an easy way to attach this to a tree limb without it showing the attachments. Your help would be appreciated.

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Magic Sculpt & tree limb scrappings

This response submitted by gordon on 6/1/01. ( )

This is what I do with birds on a limb. Hope this might help you. I FIT wires to what I want for a base ; Holes drilled in Tree Limb in this case. I drill hole right trough, (in one side out the other) the limb and poke wire right trough; bend; staple tight, and wait for mount to dry. Paws or feet are drawn tight to limb at this point. When mount is dry I remove mount and cut wires somewhat (slightly) shorter than hole depts. I putty inside hole with Magic Sculpt or similar product. This will bond wire to limb. I sometimes score wires with my cutters. Remember, wires cut shorter than hole dept.& filled with magic sculpt. I sink wires in holes and remove excess going out holes, leaving M. Sculpt flush to limb. Next I use a knife, piece of glass, to scrape small shavings, or particles off (this same) limb and sink these shavings or particles in holes. They will sink in Magic Sculp and look EXACTLY like surrounding area. The critter's paws will be married to the limb. And, only you will know aprox. where the wires are. This works great on dry driftwood branches.

Use Japan Pins

This response submitted by George on 6/2/01. ( )

Once I have them mounted and groomed, I take the 3 inch japan pins from Van Dykes and drive them through the paws into the limb. Snip them off about 1/4 inch above the paw once they are snug and then drive them in until they seat under the hair. Two pins per paw driven in at an angle will hold the squirrel as well as anything and you don't have any messy airbrush work to do covering your repairs to the limb.

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