Preserving deer feet

Submitted by Bob on 7/2/01. ( )

I want to try a half deer mount,and it looks like all the manikins end the forelegs at the ankle.This leads me to believe i must use the deers actual hooves.Can anyone give me a clue on how i should preserve them?

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YES, the hoofs

This response submitted by Chris on 7/2/01. ( )

Yes, you do use the actual hoofs. Skin leg down to the last joint, right before the hoofs. And it will fit right into the mannikin. It is really easy to do this, just becareful getting close to the ankle whre the hoof splits. There is a gland in there, make sure you get that out. I hope this helps you out.

All the way to toes

This response submitted by P.F.B. on 7/2/01. ( )

Hi Bob, I make a relief cut in the back of the legs about six to ten inches up from the toes. Split at bottom of hoves to seperate each toe. I remove all bones, tendens and fat up to last joint which is inside each toe. Its tough to get out, I clamp each toe bone in a vise and pull and cut until I get to the last joint. Than I clean up any remaining meat and fat. Once tanned and ready to mount fill with clay,install form and position hoves, than sew.....Paul

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