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Submitted by Larry on 8/26/01. ( )

Trivia question.I was at a hunter safety course today and the instructor said a red fox is a member of the canine family but a grey fox is a member of the feline family.A grey fox is a cat! Its claws are retractable and dont show in its tracks.Anybody else heard this or is this guy full of it?

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This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 8/26/01. ( )

This guy got his knowledge of animals at a gas station. Both foxes are members of the canine or dog family. What confuses some people is the ability of the gray fox to climb trees. They do it well. But they are not Cats by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe your instructor should stick to the gun part of the course. He might hunt ducks with a 30-06 though. LOL
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Give the guy part credit for

This response submitted by gordon c. on 8/26/01. ( )

having the notion that foxes and cats are relate. Perhaps at some point in their evolution they were brother/sister. But as a trapper I catch foxes thinking they behave more like a cat that a dog. They are mousers and birders, independent after being pups, ( they don't run in packs) and they follow in solitary the same paths and routes in the same maner wild cats do.

yeah but...

This response submitted by trappersteph on 8/27/01. ( )

Foxes sure like rolling in stink and peeing on posts just like dogs do,and musking,and sniffing everything,just like dogs do,but yes, they do have alot of catlike charactoristics too.I watched foxes running around one morning and the nose was to the ground alot,just like my dogs do when running about.
As for greys and catlike qualities, grey fox do not have retractile claws,but they can climb trees.As for the tracks ,I have not actually seen grey fox tracks ( well I may have,they would look similar to a red but smaller and rounder),but I would think the claws would show up in mud.Not as many greys as reds here.

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