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Submitted by Duane on 9/17/01. ( )

While reading through the questions in most of the catagories on this forum, I have noticed that alot of beginners want to mount everything from bear to bobcat, and they want to do it today! Now some of these people do not seem to have a clue about very basic things. My suggestion is to read everything,study every manual and video that you can get your hands on, before taking on even a squirrel. I did this for about three years before trying my first deer, which turned out excellent for my first, and beleive me, I wanted to get right into it long before that. If you have taxidermy in your blood then you will understand what I am trying to say. If you want to mount your bear today, then by all means do so, but consider the results as a learning experience. I am still a beginner after five years of messing around with this stuff and can't wait to read the next post and watch the next video. Sorry about rambling on, but I hope this helps someone. Thanks for listning...

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I Agree

This response submitted by Student in Training on 9/18/01. ( )

I'm 16 and learning Taxidermy and learned when I skinned my first snake 2 years ago, that I wanted to continue to learn, I was hooked. I soon found these forums and read though the archives, and started to take a friends deer hides to re-tan and learned I was over my head, so I started looking for fresh road kill squirrels and little critters the cat and dog drug in to practice on in my spare time. I even apprenticed under a taxidermist down the street for about 4 month, skinning coustomers birds and a bobcat for the man. I've learned books and videos are a great for learning and the only other advice is practice, practice, practice!

I'll 2nd That

This response submitted by Joe K. on 9/25/01. ( hunter1025@yahoo.com )

I also have been looking to do taxidermy for some time now(about 5-6 years) and read posts watched videos read books, but the best thing I did was help a taxidermist and i've been working with him for a year now and have learned more in that year than all the reading and watching vodeos combined. I mounted a deer,fox, and a squirrel and they all look really good.

Joe K.

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