Salting a hide

Submitted by Bob on 9/19/01. ( )

I am going on a mule deer hunt and there will be no refrigeration.If I am successful will a well salted hide (after fleshing) keep for the duration of the trip (approx.1 week) a shipping home ?

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Do this

This response submitted by Elmer on 9/19/01. ( )

If you are not a taxidermist contact a local taxidermist and have him or her do the service for you . If you know how to split lips turn ears etc. then do so and salt hang to dry resalt the second day rubbing the salt in do again if you want pay attention to folds behind ears anywhere the hide might not air properly it should be good.

Contact your taxidermist

This response submitted by Len on 9/21/01. ( )

It sounds like that if you do get a mule deer you plan on having it mounted. Choose a taxidermist before you go on your hunt and have him explain the procedure and how he may want it done. He should be willing to show you what to do. If done properly in the field you should have no problem.

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