Beginner quetion on ear liner attachment.

Submitted by Ray Dugan on 9/25/01. ( )

I'm planning to start mounting WT and plan to use ear liners withthe ear butts. How do I attach the liner to the mannikin? Thanks for the help. Ray

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Ear Liners

This response submitted by Dave at VanDyke's Supply Co. on 9/25/01. ( )

Hello Ray,
I would assume that you received your ear liners from McKenzie Supply Co.They make a glue specifically for this purpose. Its called "McKenzie CartilageLiner Adhesive" and has a 2 hour set time. Its a 2 part epoxie base. Test fit the ear liner to insure a good fit.
Simply mix the 2 parts together and apply to both front and back of the earliner and slide it into the ear. Press the skin into the liner and minipulate all the air pockets OUT of the ear. You dont want any of these air pockets to remain under the skin of the ear.
Its realy quite simple!

Good luck and have fun with it!

Hope I can help

This response submitted by CHUCK on 9/25/01. ( )

You asked how to attach the earliner to the mannikin. I use Eppley earliners both with and without earbutts depending on the placement.If the butted ones are used I make sure of the exact placement before the skin goes on.I'll place the earbutt over the ear area of the mannikin and usually dremel it (the foam of the mannikin)so the earbutt fits flush to the surrounding area.
If liners without butts are used I'll sculpt a "socket" representing the muscle which moves the ears on a live deer. I use a mache compound to do this. When it is dry I'll wiggle the earliner out of the socket ,prep the cape and proceed to mount .When placing the earliners,they will pop into the sockets created earlier .

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