20 Mule team borax ?

Submitted by Jason on 10/15/01. ( )

Is "20 mule team borax" at the grocery store the same as what they sell in taxidermy catalogs?

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it is......

This response submitted by bob on 10/15/01. ( whitetail@losch.net )

yes it is the same thing. Some suppliers sell a puffed borax also, for which I have never found much use. Just go to your grocery store and buy the old mule team. It'll do you just fine.


This response submitted by raptor on 10/15/01. ( )

Just recently learned that borax comes in different degrees of dryness. the higher the number eg.10,20,30 the less moisture so it dries things out more.

moth proof rinse

This response submitted by Brad on 10/16/01. ( )

I use 20 mule team borax to rinse my capes to moth proof them.

All the time

This response submitted by REALTREEFAN on 10/21/01. ( )

I use it all the time as a preservitive. Especially when mounting fish.

20 MULE TEAM BORAX and spiders

This response submitted by TADUEO on 12/11/01. ( tadueo@aol.com )

I was told that to rid your home of spiders, many in IL this year, sprinkle borax powder in your attic. Anyone heard of this? Is it worth trying. The only thing i've found that works so far is to give them a little heel.

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