Small Neck measurement on whitetail

Submitted by Andy on 11/2/01. ( )

I have two small whitetail bucks. The first eye to nose is 7" and the neck is 13 1/2". The second eye to nose is 6 3/4" and neck is 14 1/2". I am having a hard time finding forms that come close, until I saw forms for the Coues Deer. Would it be wise to use one of these forms for my smaller deer? Or should I find the closest smallest form and alter it? Keep in mind I am a beginner here. Any help would be greatly appreicated. Thanks, Andy.

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Andy, use the Coues form

This response submitted by Bob Mead on 11/3/01. ( )

If you took the measurements correctly (front corner of the eye to the end of the nose pad and around the neck of the skinned carcass just behind the ears), it should fit fine. You may also be able to stretch another inch or so out of the hide around the neck...your measurements souns a bit small in the neck compared to the "A" measurement.

Bob Mead

nop! I've seen these guys before.

This response submitted by gordon c. on 11/3/01. ( )

Measurements are probably OK. Depends on area and time harvested. You could try doe forms, but you will have to make antler indent and plywood base screwed down and glued with bondo to anker those antlers. For example Joe Coombs has doe forms to meet your 7" eye nose requirements and neck sizes, check other manufatures also. Good luck.

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