How do I "polish" or make steer horns look nice

Submitted by Tom on 11/8/01. ( )

I am working on my first skull mount for a steer and need to know how I can get the horns to look nice once I reattach them. They need to be polished or something. They are kinda "worn" with scratches, etc. and would like them to look nicer. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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what I did

This response submitted by Wink on 11/9/01. ( )

I got this nice pair of horns that a guy put up in his attic for a couple of years they looked like crap he hold me to do the best I could so I took a dremal tool with the sanding drum and started sanding all the scale like chips sanded down and polished up real nicethen I sprayed on some scotts liquid gold on them turned out real nice good luck

linseed oil

This response submitted by dale on 11/13/01. ( )

If the scratches are natural, leave them alone. wipe the horns down with a 50/50 mix of linseed oil and white gas, then wipe off excess. Leaves them darker and no chalky look.

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