Salty milk cartons

Submitted by Craig on 11/16/01. ( )

I have been looking in the archives for a way to salt my cape. Not really how to salt but how to position it for the drying. I like to use a Y incision and I am wondering how to hang or place the cape after it is salted. I have read some archives about milk cartons can any one shed a little more light on this.
Thanks, Carig

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Milk crate?

This response submitted by Big Al on 11/16/01. ( )

Probably milk "crates" so air can circulate.
But with a Y-incision you'll need a layer of salt underneath the cape.
Obviously can't be done with a milk crate.
Maybe someone's written about hanging a cape from a milk jug
while drying.
You never know around here.
Those Noonkester spreaders are nice.
I have a contraption that looks like a pyramid hanging by
an eye hook to spread apart the cape while drying.

On a slant board until drained.

This response submitted by John C on 11/16/01. ( )

The info is there several months back, maybe about May or June.

Salt them on a board or old bread rack head up hill so fliuds drain way and DONT get into the hair. after two or three days hang with a fan on them, a stainless steel nail or screw in a board place horizontially will do fine, put fan on them until dry another day or two depending on humidity.


This response submitted by Craig on 11/16/01. ( )

I have salted and dried flate hides on a board before with th flesh side up. the trouble my thick head is having is if I put it on a board am I leaving it flesh side out and if so does the board harm the process. A picture is worth a thousand words. I think I will check out those spreaders maybe that will stimulate my brain. I sure do appreciate the help guys.


This response submitted by Big Al on 11/16/01. ( )

If you're salting it should be flesh side out already!
Then just hang to dry.
I believe the Jonas calalog has a diagram in it to build
a spreader.
Good Luck!

Salted hides

This response submitted by Ken on 11/16/01. ( )

We use the short incision on all of our deer capes. Salt the hide and
role up the hide and place it on a elevated board so the juices can run off. Let set overnight and resalt the next day and hang up the hide to dry out. Never had any problems with the capes doing it this way. Good luck.

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