European skull mount-yes i looked at previous messages

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Hi, last year I did a euro mount. I boiled it for a couple of hours, got the meat off and then made a strong bleach solution, heated it up and boiled it for an hour. THis worked great except once dry the deer started flaking. I want to do this again this year and I will boil it just like I did but I bought the #30 developer (peroxide) from a beauty supply place. How long do I soak it in this solution? Do I heat it up or boil? Thanks so much for the help.

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Check your nose hairs!

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I hope you were'nt standing too close to the stove
if you where boiling bleach.
Guess your bleach did too good of a cleanup job and started
to break down the skull.
A little Sal-Soda will do the trick next time.
Then you "bleach" it with the peroxide soak.
No boiling...please....just submerse long?
someone else can take over here!


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I found a beauty supply place(ok,it was actually my wife who found it) that sells a paste/gel like form of 30% peroxide .You can paint it on and it doesn't run off like the normally found liquid. I leave it on for no more than 3 hrs and put it in a ziplock bag while it sits .rinse and brush it off with a toothbrush under water.Set it in the sun for a few days ,some spots may need a reapplication .

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