How do I get the brain out of this skull?

Submitted by John on 11/27/01. ( )

I have a deer skull in the freezer that has been there for 3 years. I originally wanted to keep the skull intact with the antlers and jawbone attached. I skinned the skull and removed the eyes and tongue and all visible muscle. Then came the problem of removing the brain. I couldn't figure out how to get it out of there without cutting a hole in the skull. I threw it in the freezer to try setting it out for the maggots in the spring. I kept forgetting it was in the freezer and now I think I need to do something with it since I just put another one in there. Does anyone know of an easy was to remove the brain? Thanks for any help. John.

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Dig it out with a stick and spoon.

This response submitted by John C on 11/27/01. ( )

I Used a grinder to round a spoon down a lot, then I can dig the brains out with it. Sometimes I use a flat ended stick to help. Once this is done cook it a little bit and rinse the inside really well. THe procced as normal.

Boil the skull on wife's kitchen stovetop!

This response submitted by Barney on 11/27/01. ( )

Then use a good garden hose, and nozzle. Blast the water pressure around and boil some more. Some picking will be necessary. But most should boil out!

Tie a string around your finger...

This response submitted by Leanna on 11/27/01. ( )

And wait for spring again. DON'T FORGET! The maceration process works so nice. And is the easiest. Just change the water a couple times and in a few weeks the skull is ready for the peroxide and looks beautiful. I also tried boiling on MY stove, as I am the wife, and my kids hated the stink as well as I did, (Jeff just thought of it as supper) and the steaming of the windows and the time consuming messy nitpicking of tissue. Plus if you over boil the slightest you'll get the bone flaking.

Phew,Hode yer Doze folks !

This response submitted by CHUCK on 11/27/01. ( )

Leanna's cooking smells like that?! I cleaned out a skull once by boiling and blasting with waterhose-use the "jet" stream on most adjustable garden triggers.

Just one thing to add

This response submitted by Jim on 11/27/01. ( )

The boiling method with sal soda and then rinsing with hose works great. Only thing I would add is wear goggles and keep your mouth shut because the blow back is a bitch.

Of course a smart person would just keep their face away from their work.

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