After freezing best way to skin

Submitted by Fred on 11/29/01. ( )

I have a frozen fox to mount whats the best way to process. First time skinning previously frozen mount.

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This response submitted by Big Al on 11/29/01. ( )


I Am With Al

This response submitted by Old Fart on 11/29/01. ( )

I have found that thawing before skinning is better than not thawing. Of course, there COULD be exceptions. What do you think John?

I think if Fred dont keep a watch on it it could slip

This response submitted by JOhn C on 11/30/01. ( )

I thaw fox in a cool building, as soon as I can bend it straight I start skinning, leaving the main body frozen, it saves a mess from body fluids, and keeps you on top of the ball game as canine tend to slip easier bevause of the gut full of carrien the feed on. I also skin on a table instead of hanging it by the back, again slowing the fluids from draining that may have thawed, thus preventing the bacteria laden stiff from getting on the fur.

So far in 22 years I have only lost a few fox, less than five. But that could all change tomorrow.

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