what tanning method for first deer cape

Submitted by craig on 11/29/01. ( )

Shot a decent buck this year and want to mount the buck what method of tanning would some of you guys reccomend for a first time try at self tanning my deer cape.(easiest, one that isnt easily screwd up) Thanx.

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This response submitted by BW on 11/29/01. ( )

I would go through the pickling process with the pickle of your choice then use liqua tan.It gets good results and it`s also easy to use.And if you are not sure which pickle to use saftee acid is a good one,and both come with good instructions.

I wouldn't

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 11/30/01. ( )

unless you have the right equipment (a fleshing machine) I would just send the cape to a tannery. Why handicap yourself. It is possible, but difficult to thin the neck, forehead etc., evenly and thin enough to get a good tan by hand. For 30 bucks you can get it done professionally and thus limit one potential problem area with your mount. Many full time shops still send the capes out for tanning, there is a resaon for this. Just a thought


I Would!

This response submitted by NG on 11/30/01. ( ngwII@hotmail.com )

Craig said he wants to try it. I wonder if anyone else on this forum gets sick of hearing; quality work cant be done without a fleshing machine? Thats horse S--T. I have been at this profession for YEARS now, and Ive never owned a machine. Im not saying they arent nice. Im just saying I can get just as thin of a hide as Joe blow with his machine. It all depends on what your used too. As for the tan; I would use liqua tan. As for the pickle I use pre tan instead. Rough flesh the cape,turn ears, lips, and nose. Soak it in 3 gallons water/6pounds salt/9 0z pretan for 8 hrs. Take cape out, shave, remove ear cartilage, place back in brine for 4 more hrs.
remove cape again, final shave, and rinse THOROUGHLY with clean running water. Tumble or towel almost dry, making sure hair side is DRY! Paint on liqua tan, allow it to "set" for 8 hrs, and then freeze or mount! Its that easy. Just be sure to clean the inner ear with laquer thinner to remove all traces of tanning oil. This will allow better adhesion. After mounting, rub a little liqua tan around eye skin, and nose. This will all but eliminate shrinkage.


This response submitted by Larry on 12/1/01. ( )

If you dont have a fleshing machine, 90 percent of the job time will be fleshing the cape.The other 10 percent will be mounting the antlers,setting the eyes,sewing,etc.Just a warning.Have fun.


This response submitted by George on 12/1/01. ( georoof@aol.com )

Obviously you've never SEEN a quality shaving job then. You can say waht you want, but I've been there and Dave Toms is exactly right. After I stopped being bull headed like you, I bought a Dakota and found a world of difference. Then I got REAL SMART and bought a Rawhide Fur Dresser. We're not just talking whitetail here, ever shave a moose or elk by hand? Get real. If you don't have the tools, don't assume your work is the same quality as someone who does. And remember, I DIDN'T say your work wasn't good or substandard. I implied it wasn't nearly as good as it could be if you used the proper equipment.


This response submitted by BW on 12/1/01. ( )

If you you want to learn I would suggest that you give it a try.You won`t learn a damn thing about tanning by sending it to a tannery!After you try it you may decide doing it yourself is not what you want to do everytime so then you could give a tannery a try.

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