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I am new and am trying to mount my first deer. I fleshed and split my skin and
salted it 2 times and put into freezer. I did not know that it had to be complety dry.
I also did not know you should'nt salt and than freeze it.
It's in the freezer now, what should I do when I get ready to mount it? Salt it again?
Let it air dry?
Do I need to rehydrate before you put it in a picking solution?
Has anybody use syn-oil from vandykes?
Thanks for your help...........

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Joe a little more research on your part and you would not be asking that question. Not to demean you in any way but this is a proffession that takes a little bit more knowledge to start on a deer or any mount. There are plenty of post on this subject in the archives search it. I would suggest you get a video on the subject to better enhance your knowledge on the subject so you are not shooting in the dark. Hope this helps you.

Take it out and pickle it

This response submitted by joey font on 12/9/01. ( )

If you are worried about it, you can thaw it out, pickle it and then freeze it until you are ready to tan it. I would either let it thaw in the fridge or let it soak in a solution of basacryl and water. Check it every once in a while and pull it apart so it thaws out a little faster. I am assuming you salted it for a day, shook all the old salt off and then resalted for another day. After two days of salting the hide should be a little stiff and would need to be rehydrated before being put in the pickle. Soaking it in the basacryl and water will rehydrate it but if you let it thaw in the fridge it would still need to be rehydrated completely before being put in the pickle. Also if the hide is very dirty I would wash it and then rinse it of all soap before I put it in the pickle. Once it is pickled, you can freeze it till you are ready to tan it.

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