Another ? for Brad (or anyone else)

Submitted by Chad on 12/4/01. ( )

Thanks for your help; I have another question. Will Curetan penetrate the ear cartlidge, or do I need to remove it first? (that would probably be pretty hard to do without ripping) Also, do I use clay for ear butts? Wouldn't be very solid, would it?

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turning ears

This response submitted by brad on 12/4/01. ( )

yes you have to remove the cartilage from the ears. its called turning the ears. and yes you also can use clay for the ear butts , but use modelling clay or epoxy sculpt so it dries hard.


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Hello Chad,
You definately want to remove the cartilage if you're planning on using ear liners.Its not nearly as difficult to do as it may seems. Fold the ear in half,split the cartilage in half. At your split,grab the corner and peel up. Once the top half has been removed, do the same to the lower half. You stop ot the ear butt.
Most Madeling Clays have oil in them and are meant NOT to harden. Go woth Critter Clay or a #1 potters clay. This will be by far more economicle than your Epoxi Clays! And many ear liners have the ear buts built in to them. So you wont need to fill the ear with anything.
Curatan is a good "Synthetic Tan" and is great on deer and the like. Its not recomended on thicker skinned animals such as Moose and Elk and the like.

Have a great day,

Brad who?

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Hi Chad, thanks for the post although I was not the one that answered it, the info you got was good. I answered your curatan post earlier. The folks on this site are very helpful and you can't go wrong. If you have more tanning questions you can send them to Bruce Rittel, He knows more about this than anyone else that I know. When he talks, I listen. He also has some video's out you would find helpful and you can rent them through WASCO here on this site. Take Care Chad, B. Bishop

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