Sallie Dahmes Video

Submitted by Roger on 12/5/01. ( )

Has anyone seen the Video by Sallie Dahmes mounting a whitetail. I am a beginner and have a video by Don Holt mounting a whitetail but this video does not go over turring the lips or eyes or preparing the cape I need a visual to under stand. The book I have is not clear on this either or maybe I'm making it harder than it is. Also has any one used the head mounting kits out of Vandykes and are they all there and easy to use and witch is a better kit the one for $39 or $62 or are they about the same?

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This response submitted by Brandon on 12/5/01. ( )

and in my opinion it is the best on the market today., It really helps alot on the splitting skinning, turning ect...

Sallie Dahmes Whitetail Mounting A to Z

This response submitted by Andrew on 12/5/01. ( )

is the video I purchased last year. I assume this is the video you
are talking about. If so, yes it is a very good instructional video. She takes you through every step in the mounting process, in good detail. Definitely worth the money. Good Luck!

Video is so-so

This response submitted by Bobbi on 12/5/01. ( )

I gonna catch h_ll on this one, with all the controversy over the McKenzie buy out, but I ordered the Tanning and Fleshing Basics video and I also purchased the Sallie Dahmes video on mounting deer.
In my own personal opinion the McKenzie tape is much higher quality than the Sallie tape. The tape that I have of deer mounting by Sallie IS very informative, but the video quality was very poor besides the fact in the video she used dry preservative....oooh there's another sore subject. The information that is on the tape is geared towards beginners, which is good if you're just starting out. I'd use the information that she gives on the mounting process, but tan it with one of the good tanning agents instead. Again, just my personal opinion!

A to Z

This response submitted by Glenn on 12/6/01. ( )

In the A to Z tape Sallie Dahmes tans the cape using Lutan F. She
takes you through all of the steps necessary in mouinting a whitetail including the final painting and finishing. One of the best videos out there. It's item #VHS215 on page 228 of the current WASCO catalog. Good luck.

I must have one of her old tapes then

This response submitted by Bobbi on 12/6/01. ( )

bought it off the internet, not from WASCO

Must Have

This response submitted by Eddie on 12/6/01. ( )

been an old one the one that I got went through every thing including tanning. She went in detail on everything and would be good for a beginner or advanced. It also can be bought at WASCO which is the reason we have this site.

Ive recently gotten the $62 kit. you definently need a video

This response submitted by Joas Miller on 12/8/01. ( )

because the directions arnt worth a hill of beans.

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