What's the Problem?

Submitted by Jay on 12/6/01. ( )

I just started reading the forums, and as a beginner I don't mind reading different answers and opinions about the same questions. Some people obviously enjoy intereacting with others that have the same interests, and helping when they can. Then I see the other group who seem to enjoy complaining about every little thing. Check the Archives. My opinion is-If you can't help the people then don't say anything at all. If your life revolves around complaining, maybe you better look into getting a new one. I want to thank all of you knid hearted people that are here for the right reason-helping others. Maybe all you know it all profesionals should get your own section where there will be no mistakes.

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Complaining? :(

This response submitted by Big Al on 12/6/01. ( )

It helps people more if they "search the archives"!

End of story!
You are the weakest link!
Good Bye!


This response submitted by jen on 12/6/01. ( )

yeppers this is the beggining section and with a little help one can go blurry eyed reading threw the history of this net , is great
so cheers to the good peoples that help the newbies
esp to the ones that help with the key word needed in reference to a subject someone is trying to look up

Jay read the Archives this has been neat to death.

This response submitted by John C on 12/6/01. ( )

And you speak about people complaining!

How about you doing some research yourself.

Without research where would todays best taxidermist be? Without research where would we be today as a race of mammals?

Why do research? If I give you a fish I have feed you for today, but if I teach you to fish, I have feed you for a lifetime.

give me a fish?

This response submitted by help me on 12/6/01. ( )

I haven't ssen you give anyone a fish, or teach them how to fish. All it seems you do is dangle that fish about 3 foot out of their reach. You seem to have a hard time answering anyone's simple questions. You seem to forget, alot of these people are new and don't come on into this forum every chance they have. They especially don't come on this forum to belittle people as it seems you do. Oh, and by the way, who was it who taught you how to fish? Or are you like most of the taxidermists from years ago who tried very hard to keep the craft a big secret? Grow up. We can certinly see you didn't grow your business on your personality.

You are so right, I dont suck arse!

This response submitted by John C on 12/6/01. ( )

When someone has what is a real problem, that is not covered in one of the GREAT TRADE MANUALS I will help! I dont see you being able to even leave your feable name. So you dont deserve any help.

NOw do yo know how many people I have carved a fish body for and mailed it to them without charge? or how many paint schedules I have written for a newbie? "See you don thave a clew, sailors term for not being able to find the clew on the sail"

when was hte last itme you had someone drive up to your house and say I really need help with this? I have left my shop phone # on here and get many calls a week and do my best to help steer them correctly, all at now charge not to even refund the phone call. When did you set up a taxidermy show? Not just back boards but organize one from front to back. Get the seminars togather, suppliers, awards, banquet, rooms? See you miss a lot of the behind the scenes work.

If all you are going to do is whine about not getting your way, go join some defunct outfit and cry in your beer.

Nothing here has to candy coated, you will get straight up hard fact answers that work, no candy coated B.S. from me. You want fact, that work I will give them to you, if I dont know the answer I will tell you who may know, and then not just one person but two or three if I know they can help. You and I willnot live long enough to make all the mistakes in the owrld, but I learned the hard way, trial and error. Take your lumps go to shows and learn.

Resource your reference materials and learn to read them, then you will never need to ask any question, that has been answered before.

Beating A Dead Horse

This response submitted by Mark K on 12/6/01. ( markkeehn@peoplepc.com )

If young or new taxidermists like yourself would quit reading and buying into what some the "sophomore" taxidermists say about the old grumps, you may be able to see that they are trying to teach you something . It's not that they or myself don't want to answer a question, but by searching the archives, you do your own research, you can draw your own conclusions,and in a sense....you learn to study.You find many responses and ideas for the same question . Isn't this better than one answer ? You can draw from all those responses and find something that works best for you .I can tell you how to flesh a deer, but I have a $1000.00 fleshing machine, and you have scissors and a knife. My answer to that question won't help you much . The archives can also help you ask more detailed questions about common problems . Instead of asking how do measure a deer skin?, by doing some research into that problem, ie. the archives, you may find that the real question you need answered is ...Can I add 1 inch to my form if the deer has a severe head turn, or should I subtract an inch ? These are often answered readily , by someone who has had this type of deer mount. I hope this help some of you newbies understand a little more what the archives can be used for on this forum . I've done taxidermy work for 12 years and still use the archives . I only wish it was around when I started .Help yourself to the archives,try to find the answer,then if you can't,ask.
Now for my old grump 2 cents worth . Most of you want instant gratification,and when you don't get it cry that we're grumpy,or pissy, or whatever the word is for the day .This forum is a learning tool,and many here can help you learn, but only when you try to help yourself. 'Nuf Said!


Mark, you said it perfectly

This response submitted by Wava on 12/7/01. ( Wavabob@juno.com )

I think that's the best post on this issue that I've read yet.

I've often thought of writing a cookbook that instead of just giving out the list of ingredients; actually TAUGHT a person why you needed to add an oil portion to muffins, or what you could substitute for an egg in a recipe. I think of the archives in that way; they teach you how to approach a problem and come up with the best solution instead of just giving you an answer that may get you through this escapade, even though you don't understand WHY you are doing what you're doing, but does nothing to help you with the next, slightly different problem.

Kudos to you for saying it so well!


Learning more every day

This response submitted by Craig on 12/7/01. ( )

I have been shooting around this site for over a year now and have learned more from the simple search procedure than from posting questions or reading recent forums. I like to pick up somthing a little different every day but it seems like the same questions are asked over and over every day. Most of the time you can see a similar posting a little further down on the screen. I am very new to this taxidermy bit and I would love a quick answer here and there but if you put that extra two seconds into a search chances are you will find ten times the info you need and maybe a couple of different techniques. Don't be so lazy, search the archives, keep these pissing matches out of the posts I am trying to learn. This is my favorite tool and I do not like dull tools.

I was new

This response submitted by Jamie V on 12/14/01. ( )

When I first found this site, I asked a few questions, and was told to LOOK in the archives. That turned out to be the best response I could have recieved, Because at that time,I didn't know what the archives was or how to use it. I took the time and figured it out,and I rarely have to ask a question. So, when you are told to check the archives,and take the time to search them, you will learn more than you wanted to know! I'M GLAD I DID


This response submitted by Randy on 12/23/01. ( SchafferRandy@aol.com )

What the hell is the archives and how do I find it? Also, are all taxidermists bad spellers?

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