advise on flehmen white-tail

Submitted by derslayr on 12/7/01. ( )

just had a customer ask if i could do the flehmen mount for him, i said i would give it a try but it would cost more. how much more should i charge for this mount? right now this is my first year doing it for customers and i am charging $200. and is it alot harder to mount one, i was thinking of using Rinehart's flehmen mannikin any thoughts, that is where i went to school and feel comfortable with his forms.thanks

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Call McKenzie

This response submitted by Kenneth on 12/7/01. ( )

I would suggest calling McKenzie and ordering a Joe Meder Manikin w/ his flehmen mouth piece. I think you will find it superior.


This response submitted by George on 12/7/01. ( )

I always charge $100 extra with any mouth work. Though this is mostly nose and lip, it will still need the blending and painting. THEN raise your prices since you've become "experienced".

I've used the Rinehart form

This response submitted by Aaron L. on 12/10/01. ( )

I've used the Rinehart form several times and I am about to change. I love their forms, but the flehmen form's mouth is just too open for me. On a flehmen deer, his mouth is closed at the back corner and flexed open at the nose. Rinehart's form, to me, is more like an open mouth feeding pose. What I plan to do, is get the sneek or alert sneek and then put on a mouthpeice from McKenzie.
You went to the school huh? I learned from them about 9 years ago with videos(and I learn something new every day)
What part of the country are you from?

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