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I have a skin from a small albino wt deer that a guy wants to use for a wall hanging. He had started tanning it with liqua tan or some similar product.Anyway it has blood stains, I tried a soak in some blood eater solution and had no luck. The stains are probably set in I suppose. Will these bleach out after tanning is complete. What is the best product to try?

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The skull / fur bleaching kit from VAN DYKES . It comes in a two part solution, Basic White powder and a 40% peroxide and you mix the 2 into a thick paste and comb into the fur. Works wonders on skulls ,never tried it on blood stains. Your blood stain needs to be removed BEFORE the hide or cape enters the pickle otherwise the stain, any stain for that matter, will set. Good luck and let us know how you do!. Brad

Iron out

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Blood stains are nothing more than rust from the Iron in the blood. Rits rust remover works well as does Iron out from WALMART, less than $10.00 for both.

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