Need someone to sew rugs in Michigan?

Submitted by Terri on 12/20/01. ( )

Can anyone direct me to someone to machine sew rugs for me in Michigan?

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I can do them....

This response submitted by b bishop on 12/20/01. ( )

for you but I dont use a machine, I sew by hand. I do sew the borders together by machine . I live in northern WI and will be glad to help you out if you want. I do have references. Thanks, Brad E-mail me


This response submitted by Gregg West on 12/20/01. ( )

check out Bruce Jenkins his wife Nancy does a fantastic job they live in Sheridan Mi you can find them under taxi net taxidermist with web sites nothing but good things to say. thanks Gregg West

sew rugs in M I.

This response submitted by Jac O dViar on 12/20/01. ( OHIO )

I USE Big BEAR Rug Service 4o5 main street P,O box102
Darby.MT59829 406821 3231 Fine Job Quick Service
Jack V.

Time consuming?

This response submitted by Terri on 12/21/01. ( )


Isn't it quite time comsuming to sew the rugs by hand? Do they hold up as well and machine sewn rugs?

I did a grey fox rug by hand a few years ago before I became a licensed taxidermist but if I remember correctly there was quite a bit of time involved.

Thanks Terri

Mi Rugs

This response submitted by Rob on 12/22/01. ( )

Check out Northern Pines Wholesale Rugs in Howard City. Phone is (231)937.4696

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