What NOT to use!

Submitted by Jason Spradlin on 12/21/01. ( jassprad@att.net )

I was washing a deer hide right before mounting it today,and was out of Downey so we have some of this fabric softerner called "Nice and fluffy"I added a shot to the tub and started washing it.Then I noticed a small bald spot behind the ear didnt think much of it,So I set the ears and sewd holes then I put the hide on the form and its face WAS COMPLETELY BALD!It diffently made its hair nice and fluffy!In piles.So I wouldnt recommend using it to soften your hide!The fellow brought me antlers with no hide,I had an extra hide so the hide was mine.But now i need another hide.Anybody have this happen before.Im not a beginner,but thought it might help someone!

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What makes you think it was fabric softner...

This response submitted by Gordon C. on 12/21/01. ( )

because I use it all the time and no problem like your having. How did you prep skin before wash? Fabric softer in water and a little salt gets to 4ph only. "Nice and Fluffy" should not be the problem! Would like to know how you prepared cape though?


This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 12/22/01. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

I've used that one and many others and never had a problem. The problem lies in the way the cape was handled.

Thats the only thing that was different

This response submitted by jason on 12/22/01. ( )

I fleshed it,salted it twice,shaved it,cream tanned it.Ive done around 30 deer this way and never had slippage like that.Is wasnt mild slippage it was HUGE.When i killed that deer it was extremely warm,and I as I worked the skin It had a wet dog oder.Maybe it had spoiled or something!I put in the freezer within 24 hrs of taken the deer though.Im not to sure what happened but the only thing that was different was the nice and fluffy

Pickling might of helped

This response submitted by Paul B on 12/22/01. ( taxidermst@att.net )

if you put it in a pickle it might of set the hair for you

Sounds like the warm weather.

This response submitted by John C on 12/23/01. ( )

Within 24 hours you froze it? It should have been in the freezer within a few hours and laid out flat to freeze fast, my quess is it was in a ball and the hide spoiled in the middle, before it could freze.

I think John c is right

This response submitted by Jason on 12/23/01. ( )

Where the hair fell out would hasve been in the middle of the deer balled up!I think that your right John!

you know, guys...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 12/23/01. ( )

Guys like me have harped on this for years in the forum, but some of you are either new, or just dont take good advice. Ill assume Jason is new...;0) You cant just throw a cape into the freezer and figure its OK. They spoil while they sit there and freeze, and they spoil while they thaw out. You cant beat splitting and salting soon after you get them. Same thing with the idea that its OK cuz you "cream tanned" it. Thats why they slip. It will stabilize the skin for mounting, but its really not tanning, as per se. At LEAST do what Paul said and go thru the pickle step. Then be sure to neutralize so that the pH is compatable to the "tan". Draining the water out will help, too. Good luck Jason.

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