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whats the difference in non-iodized salt and iodized salt? the tanneries say to use non-iodized.

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The difference Tim, is that one has iodine, and the other does not. Iodine is necessary for some glands in the human body, and salt manufacturers think they need to put it in salt to keep you healthy. If the tannery and every taxidermist I know of says use non iodized, then I use non-iodized.

Not the makers but our fine goverment.

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Iodine is a prime material needed for THYROID glands to work correctly, with food being grown faster, we need even more. During the 2nd World War the goverment mandated that salt with Iodine be available to the general public.


This response submitted by tim on 12/22/01. ( )

what kind of difference does it make using non- iodized salt and iodized salt to dry your capes? thats what im asking about. the tanneries say to use non- iodized salt but i know some taxidermist that use both and get the same results from hides sent to tanneies.


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salt is salt, there is salt or non-iodized salt, then theres iodized salt or salt with iodine added to it. it makes no difference with the drying. non-iodized salt is cheaper, thats why they say to use it. key word, cheaper


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thanks guys


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Tim, I am too a beginner, I had the same question, I looked in the supply catalogs for salt and it appeared to be fairly priced, but then you had to look at shipping. If you live in an outer shipping zone,like me, it costs. Try Sam's Club, or a super Wal-Mart if you have one in youre area. I get mine At Sam's for right at $2.00 for a 25LB bag. pretty cheap! then you can afford to use too much as opposed to too little..
Troy M.


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How about Rock salt? will that work? i am also a beginner and was wondering if you can use rock salt. or should we use table salt?

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