Submitted by Mark on 12/24/01. ( HeadsOrTailsTax@hotmail.com )

Well it's started....I have alot of work ahead but the Main Page is up if you would like to take a look at it. I'd love to hear any ideas you have. Remember this is only going to be as good as WE make it. Take a look and let me know www.TaxidermyReference.com

Have a great Christmas, Mark

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This response submitted by ducky on 12/24/01. ( critterstaxiderm@alltel.net )

Looks like a real good start, keep up the good work and ideas.

Great Start To Some Very Important Info!

This response submitted by Andy on 12/24/01. ( andy@gymopc.com )

Great to see things are beginning to come together! If you haven't thought about it - or if your up to all the e-mails - you could have a contact me link if anyone is looking for something specific other then what will be available. Then it could be added for future downloads if enough requests come through. Just a thought! Can't wait to see this site grow! Thanks, Andy.

I like very much...

This response submitted by gordon c. on 12/24/01. ( )

Can't wait for the deer to come up...this is great! I need some turkey vulture references if anyone has some. Thanks Mark, I hope to see advertizers paying for your time. It is my feeling you are going to be swamped! Good luck...

you are the

This response submitted by Eric on 12/24/01. ( patti@syclone.net )

MAN BROTHER!thats what this site is all about .....taking care of our own...and then some...congrats and i think this is going to be a huge success for you

Great Job!

This response submitted by Randy C on 12/24/01. ( randy028@henderson.net )

Thanks Mark for the coyote pictures you sent. They look Great! Randy C


This response submitted by Don on 12/24/01. ( )

Now book-marked! Can't believe you did it so fast and thanks for the yote pics.


This response submitted by JT on 12/24/01. ( )

Like what you have so far. Homestead is a great place to build a web site. You may want to add a disclaimer about the copyright stuff. you never know if you might have a picture that is copyrighted and not know about it. OR as long as you don't use the site for profit, You might not have to worry about it. Check with the U.S. copyright web site.


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