repairing old mount?

Submitted by biggame on 12/25/01. ( )

I had mounted a bull elk a year ago and I see some areas that I know I can do a much better job now. The eyes had pulled back a bit along with the lips and the tear ducts do not look that well! Can I take a water bottle and keep soaking those areas until they loosen up and try to repair them or should I just abandon the mount and buy another cape and do it again?

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This response submitted by George on 12/25/01. ( )

Personally, I like your second idea better as I know working with a new hide is a lot more fun that fixing a screwed up one. Having said that, however, if you original cape isn't glued down with a good epoxy glue, you can do just as you described. I usually wrap a wet clot under plastic freezer wrap when rehydrating these areas. Good luck.

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