Submitted by jm on 12/27/01. ( )

I have a beaver to small for regular beaver hoops a guy wants it to
hang on his wall . could you give me some ideas on how to make a hoop
and make it look nice on the wall thank you!

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Use the beaver stretch pattern on Plywood sheet 3/4 "

This response submitted by Gordon c. on 12/27/01. ( )

and get a small hardwood,tree or branch or whatever and fit to pattern size needed. Nail on either side of hardwood branch ( your to-be hoop), not into hoop and bend nails over hoop-green branch. You will need a green branch or small green hardwood. You can soak branch in H2O beforehand if pattern is small. Progessively bend, clamp with nails ever 2" or so, until you have gone totally around pattern. Overlap ends for about a foot.

Remove hoop when dry and tie ends together. You can use leather lace, rabbit snare, or string to tie. Hope this helps you. I peal bark off my hoops when still green.

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