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Submitted by Bill on 12/28/01. ( )

Looking to maybe by a few capes but confused on whta certian terms are if you are buying a frozsen green cape is this just skined and froze and how about a turned and salted cape is this ready for mounting Also if someone has a idea for the size cape that would have come off a 200 pound deerin northern michigan that would be a big help also thanks in advace Bill

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This response submitted by Jason on 12/28/01. ( )

Green is just that...Its fresh off the deer...usually frozen!Not turned or anything
Salted....It means just that its been salted Usually rough fleshed turned and salted
Tanned....means just that...Its been green,turned and salted,then tanned.It is ready to mount!
Turned means.....ears turned inside out,lips turned out,nose cartilage cut out.This is done so the salt penetrates so it doesnt staRT to rot
Frozen whole.... means it died and was frozen imnmediately
As for your Mich. deer I have no clue but here a 200lb live wieght(guts still in)Would be 7.5X18(7.5 being from corner of eye to end of nose!) 18 being the girth(roundness of the neck where the head joins the neck


This response submitted by Randall on 12/29/01. ( )

As for your question on green-salted capes, Jason did a very good job with it. Before buying a cape you may want to ask if it is skinned with a short Y incision or split all the way down.Some sellers measure the neck before skinning and some get the measurement off the deer after skinning. When you see something you are interest in , ask the seller questions. I sell capes and will be happy to help in any way. The Mich. cape would be around 7 1/2 x 20 . Randall

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