Itchy Rash

Submitted by Byrd on 2/1/02. ( )

i am new to taxidermy. And have recently developed an itch with a leathery rash to boot. I'm a little leary of discussing it with friends and family because of where it's at. I'm a happily married man of ten years who is faithful to his wife and have never had this problem until recently. i was just wondering if maybe the chemicals might be causing it. i use water base paints, apoxie sculpt, fish tanner, and hide paste. have recently started washing my hands more and fighting off the urge to readjust while working on my fish. it seems to help. Anyway just wondering if this is common and if there are any other over the counter treatments i should try.

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This response submitted by Duckgog on 2/1/02. ( )

Try using milking gloves or the likes. If there is a Fleet Farm or a Farm and Fleet, they will surely have them. Lots of theses chemicals have a bit of latex in them, and lots of people are allergic to it. Most milking gloves for use on dairy farms, use a different material in them. I like them better because they are a heck of a lot nicer than surgical gloves and tougher too. They run about $10 a hundered. If that don't help, you might as well go out cattin around, cause your wife will surely think you are! But seriously, it really could be latex.


This response submitted by Shawn on 2/1/02. ( )

Byrd, if you have you done any mammals, particularly carnivores you could have picked up the mange mite Sarcoptes scabeii (scabies). If so you will need to go to an M.D. for Rx. The mite causes mange and actually tunnels under your skin where it causes a nasty reaction. Just a thought. Good luck.

Too late for this, but glove up.

This response submitted by George on 2/1/02. ( )

I got through dozens of pairs of surgical gloves every day. It's seldom I touch anything anymore without gloves on. They are relatively inexpensive, but considering the filth my hands would encounter without them, they're worth it. You know undertakers are required to be gloved and masked during the preparation of a body for burial? No physician would even THINK of examining a person or performing a procedure without the same precautions. Why are taxidermists so slow at recognizing the inherent dangers associated with our work? ON coons , bobcats, and foxes, I always double glove. On all the others it's single gloves but always a water proof apron and a dusk mask when I work on ducks and geese. I figure I'm just dumb lucky to have lived this long in the first place. The least I can do is try to extend it now that I'm here.

Most cant read or follow directions George.

This response submitted by John C on 2/2/02. ( )

So why would they wear gloves?

i only do fish

This response submitted by byrd on 2/2/02. ( )

so far i have only done fish.think i will go get
me some gloves though. thanks


This response submitted by George on 2/2/02. ( )

Good idea. Did you know that the gastric acids of fish are some of the strongest in the world.(Ever scrape the gullet of a bass and had your fingers burn and chafe?) The slime on fish protect IT from diseases (guess where the diseases reside?) And the godawful stench of fish under your fingernails! Fish work is a prime reason for gloves.

Quit scratching your nuts

This response submitted by Dich Headly on 2/2/02. ( I ain't giving you my address! )

Her Byrd! Sounds like you need to spend a little more time on your work than scrathing your NUTS! Get a life you got freakin JOCK ITCH dude! Go to your doctor and get some lotion. Quit wasting everybodys time on the net! You are a DORK!

now i see

This response submitted by byrd on 2/2/02. ( )

i have read under others questions where people have replied and complained about people who can't spell. at first i thought it kind of a childish complaint. but after reading Dick's, i mean Dich's
reply, i see where there's a need to voices these opinions. i thank the guys who wrote and actually gave me some advice. today was my first day working with my newly bought gloves on. i must say it will take some getting used to. but i can see the need for them and i'm sure i will adapt.

Dear Mr. Dich Headly

This response submitted by Mrs. Annonymous on 2/2/02. ( )

Dear Mr. Dich Headly,
Maybe you should quit being so nasty. That is what this site is for to ask questions and get some answers. Jerks like you who would rather ridicule someone than to just answer their question shouldn't even bother to visit this site. Obviously, you shouldn't be in the beginners section if your so smart!eh? Mr. Byrd asked a very important question and some day it may save his life! I can tell you exactly how you got your name...Think about it!

Mr. Headly

This response submitted by Jeff on 2/3/02. ( )

YOU are a dork. Maybe you should get a life and go play with your nuts. OR somebody elses.

George screwed up.

This response submitted by Ha Ha on 2/4/02. ( )

I cant believe George, of all people, screwed up his spelling. Instead of "I got through dozens of pairs of surgical gloves every day.", it should be "I go through dozens of pairs of surgical gloves every day.". If you are going to critisize others for simple errors, I will critisize you. Oh by the way some of my spelling might be wrong too, but I am sure you will notice.


This response submitted by Vetteman on 2/4/02. ( )

Its my guess your alergic to the hardner in epoxy, same here for me. Went to platex gloves,these gloves have a smooth inside and can be used several times. Theres no doubt gloves are the way to go. A buddy of mine cant get near epoxys of any type even with gloves. Theres alot of problems out there like yours, sure glad to see Im not a lone soldier anymore.


This response submitted by byrd on 2/4/02. ( )

i'm thinking vetteman might be on to something. i seem to notice more of a reaction on days wheni use alot of epoxy. does anyone know if they make epoxy for sensitive men like myself?


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