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Submitted by jon c on 2/1/02. ( )

Just received my Breakthrough bird mounting manual today and already read it cover to cover,from what i can gather they seem to prefer true tan system v.s. dry preseve(borax?)
I have 2 pheasant and 2 buffelhead to practice on my own birds,im sure the first will just be an adventure in skinning and defatting.But what i would like to know is ,ive read alot of the posts on degreasing and preserving ,what do most guys who do taxidermy for profit,not blue ribbons use instead of all there fancy pricy name brand products,whats the procedure most guys in the trade use,(i.e. defat,degrease in dawn ive heard ,rub in borax and mount).Iguess what im asking to is is it necasary to buy al those products they to tan preserve degrease ect. ect

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This response submitted by oddball on 2/1/02. ( )

Unless you wish to make someone else rich,degrease with laquer thinner
wash in detergent, tumble, then borax the skin, then mount. Anybody
who tells you to tan a bird is an idiot.

Yeah, RIGHT!

This response submitted by George on 2/1/02. ( )

Oddball has it all figured out. That is except that lacquer thinner is not a degreaser and will likely stain any white feathers on your birds. There's NO SOLVENT available that will "degrease" as in DEFAT your birds. You don't NEED a wheel, but if you do over a couple a week, you'll find that the old scissors trick is a dog and pony show. Once the fat is removed, Dawn WILL work, but it has a high pH and doesn't work as well as all those products that make suppliers rich. Then you don't need a tumbler, a garbage bag with borax will work, but not nearly to the degree and labor saving that a tumbler offers. You don't NEED a bird blower, a hair dryer of inverted vacuum cleaner hose will work. And I know more than a few of the suppliers and I don't think any of them consider themselves RICH.

thanks george and oddball

This response submitted by jon c on 2/2/02. ( )

thanks for the honesty have learned alot on this site i know everybody has there own ways of doing things ill be lucky if i do 5 birds a year when i get going.

Degreasing Video

This response submitted by T.C. Hicks on 2/3/02. ( )

I have a video showing a technique, developed by my father, for degreasing with a scapel.It is very easy to learn. There are very few tools and chemicals needed. My father was a taxidermist for over 45 years and was probably the first taxidermist in Mississippi to even look at mounting a bird!


This response submitted by Tony on 2/5/02. ( . )

I use 20 mule team borax you get at a grocery store. Others said that is what they use also!

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