How do i skin a Skunk?Without a nose plug!

Submitted by Jeff on 2/1/02. ( )

Does anyone know how to skin a skunk without hitting the glands near tail? any advice would be gasp of fresh air ,should i try it when frozen? How do i get rid of oder when tanning? Thanks

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No problem

This response submitted by Chris on 2/1/02. ( )


Not a problem. There are two glands located next to the anus, just under the skin. I normally start from the feet and work in towards the anus. As you get close to the glands take your time and cut just under the skin, making your cuts away from the glands. I do not reccomend skinning any critter when it is frozen, you will have nothing but trouble. Generally the smell comes out in the tan, make sure you use a degreaser. The essence in a skunk is oil based and anything that breaks up oil will remove the smell. Email me if I can be of further assistance.



This response submitted by George on 2/1/02. ( )

Go back to the opening page and write that question in the block asking you "What do you want to know". You'll be amazed at what you'll find.

takes the smell out

This response submitted by Byron on 2/2/02. ( )

take the hide after skinned and soak in white gas for a few hours the smell will be gone.

good luck

Skunk skinner

This response submitted by groho on 2/2/02. ( )

cheeta, using the archives is good advice I always try it first.Or you could just pay your brother to skin it! Good luck !

Put a damn

This response submitted by JT on 2/4/02. ( )

coyote next to it. maybe they will cancel each other out. stick with fish, they smell better than mammals. Honestly, I think you might be hosed. Once they smell, they smell for good. well, untill you tan the darn things.


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