artificial water

Submitted by rodeo58 on 2/1/02. ( )

New to artificial water. I want the water to look deep but I have a big area to cover so I do not want to use a lot of artificial water and to make maters worse. The front will be exsposed. So I also need to know what to use for the fase so the water will not run out.

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Deep water . . .

This response submitted by Jerry S. on 2/2/02. ( )

To make water look deep, just before you set the plexiglass in place for the water surface, lightly spray the underside with various shades of green and/or deep blue. Don't opaque it out - just enough to provide a darkness so that when you pour a thin layer of resin on top and look through it, it gives the illusion of being deep. Just remember . . . the darker - the deeper.

Good luck!

Jerry S.

Shower door plexiglass

This response submitted by Kenneth on 2/2/02. ( )

Our local lumber yard sell as plexiglass that has a wavy appearence to it. If I am not mistaken, it is for shower doors. It makes a great effect once you have put your resin over it. It gives the water a much better depth appearence than normal plexiglass. I also do exactly what Jerry S. spoke of in the above response. The combination of the two works great for depth. Good Luck.

waves and ripples

This response submitted by rob on 2/2/02. ( )

i'm actually curious on how you make waves and realistic ripples. every water scene with a duck taking off that i have has a big splash but then no waves or ripples which we all know is impossible. so what do you think?

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