Submitted by john on 2/2/02. ( )

just stumbled on site how do i find archives?whats easiest way to get on this site. just begining

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ONE WAY........

This response submitted by tired of this on 2/2/02. ( )

Look to your left, second button from bottom....(search) push button and follow directions.....

Scroll down to bottom of page

This response submitted by Paul on 2/2/02. ( )

Same for each catagory...Paul

something to remember

This response submitted by John Barber on 2/2/02. ( )

I noticed some people are asking questions on the archives. one that
I saw was two years old and a recent question was posted in that archive.This will not work you may have to wait a long time for an answer.If you have a question you need to make a new post.

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