Habitat and Exibit Manual

Submitted by John Crabb on 2/3/02. ( johnkeenacrabb@aol.com )

I am thinking about getting the Breakthrough habitat and exibit manual sexton/Hall. Is this manual worth getting. Does any one have one have a used one they would like to get rid of. Thanks in advance John in Morrice Michigan.

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get them...

This response submitted by DCT on 2/3/02. ( dctaxidermy@kans.com )

all. Even if yo have been doing taxidermy for over ten years you can alwayus go back to them and refresh your memory. I don`t believe you can ever know enough about how other people do things, add this to your knowledge and you are well on your way to being the best taxidermist you can be.

All the

This response submitted by Roger on 2/4/02. ( Emery30@msn.com )

Breakthrough Magazine manuals are "worth getting". You will find a veritable wealth of knowledge in each one of them. Any books or reference manuals are only as good as the authors, but these authors are among the best in the industry, and written plainly and concisely enough to aid anyone.

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